Saturday Afternoon POST!

I don't really feel like I've been hitting any kind of stride in my last few posts...though I've tried to remain true to regularly posting up new stuff...Lots of distractions.

Yesterday was spent shopping for a suit...I've not done this in some time.
I don't really do a lot of shopping, because its always kind of a minefield for me. First off, Its a taupe colored suit...(which is really a bit to light a color for my liking) but, I imagine it will work just for the event that I'll be attending. Furthermore it has pleated pants..(Not wild about those either) but, the very helpful store clerk assured me that pleats looked better on "Big people"..
UM, huh? I look down and my midsection and in the back of my mind i here a little voice say "oh yeah...that..sigh". I guess I'll have to do some serious work to get myself back in shape both as far as my physique and my drawing habits go..

In the end I just picked up the suit. Rather then continuing a long drawn out search for dressy attire. Its kinda funny how I find that even the little decisions quickly become all consuming points of debate and stress for me. My life could sure use a few more of these quick choices so that I might deal with some of the big important stuff...

For now though, its Sunday afternoon...I'm chilling with a beer and getting into some drawings and a blog post... Thundra is coming up for MAYVEL and I'm trying to nail down my image for a new show... Gotta flex my brain, muscles.

Have a solid day everyone...
Hope you Dig,

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