Some scribbles...

I spent part of my day tinkering on new paints...er....kinda old sketches that I've decided to dive back into for various reasons...
I find that sometimes I talk myself out of pursuing projects from strange reasons...either I don't like the sketch, or the colors don't come to me....Or I simply get frustrated with my control of the paper, pen, tablet, ect. Sometimes I even get gun shy with the content, I avoid it because its difficult, or not to my taste...or its just plain dull.
In all truth though, I really need to be running headlong into those kinds of projects. It seems like when I was younger that starting new work was more free because I new less about the visual medium. But, after years I've noticed it harder to get things started on images sometimes, and more critically its harder to stick with them long enough to give them the attention they warrant to be Completed works.

I'm gonna have to work on that...

These sketches will be up again soon as I progress with the studies...
Hope you dig...


its an sketch of a mouse, with a basket load of some foods. the paper I sketched him on had a weird grey bar across it...
He was colored on a whim.

Hope you dig..


Lil' Hooty

Here's an owl... and now I'm heading out for the night...
Hope you dig..



Pirate PinkBeard

Old drawing with fun new colors, the dreaded Pink Bearded Pirate.

Hope you dig..


A Chill in the air...

I'm still feeling kinda lousy but, I managed to drag my rear into work today. In spite of the NY Snowfall no less. I have to say it was a very pretty walk to the office this morning...all the snow lends a wonderful ethereal quality to the city.

My scribble from today kinda stems from Professor Coldheart I think. Or possibly some kinda Ice King type.. Regardless He's a little bit of Frosty chill in my drawing day.

Lemme know what you think...
Hope you dig..




I'm pretty ill today. I've been in bed for a better part of the day and am just online to make sure I keep posting up my doodles and drawings with the odd digital splash...

Hope to have new stuff soon, but for now I hope you dig..



Cannon Man...

A study based offa' a quick sketch.
Drop a comment if you have some time..

Hope you dig.




Yeah I knocked out a rough little caricature today...I don't love it yet but I might do some more studies and come back to it... See about getting more of cage's likeness into it...I hope you Dig.

Please Lemme know what you think...


From some months back...

I'm not sure why I'd opted to do this thing last year. I'd seen a few of them out and though that it'd be a good way for me to look at some of the things that influence my work and drawings. But, I remember that as I worked on it I realized how hard it was for me to condense my Influences down to one specifically formatted page.

In large part my problems sprung from having too many influential sources, and also from the fact that my tastes vary from time to time... I dunno. I remember thinking that you could do one of these every few months and it would be different.. I wonder what it would look like if I'd done one in college, or even 4 years ago... I imagine it'd be different... But, for now I'll pull this out of mothballs and share my..

Influence map.




Here's some sketch I did of a man-dog faced kinda guy..I figured he might drive a tank in some post apocalyptic world...

Hope you dig..



Child Prodigy

its an old paint with a slight color rework..I'm thinking about tightening it up and doing something intresting with the BG. But for now I just wanna share some stuff..

Lemme know what you think...
Hope you dig..



Elephant King

I sketched an elephant this morning in CS3 (which I've been using for the past several years now. This afternoon however I painted it a bit more, but with CS5...
YEP, I got upgraded, and I'm trying to adjust to the change... its serving to alter my workflow a great deal..

I hope you dig, Perhaps I'll come back to this and throw some more time into it in the coming days...



Gothy gal...

I spied one on the train to work today. So I fiddled out a toony goth gal, for kicks.
Hope you dig'er..



Fox for Fun..

I'm working away here and had a few moments to post up this little image of a fox sketch..

Hope you dig..



he's skillfully cooked his daily catch in a cast iron skillet which he's pilfered from a local campsite. Unfortunately, since he doesn't know how to make hush puppies he will be having fish only for dinner today..

Hope you dig..



more Skribblets...

Here's a page from a current sketchbook.. I fiddled out some characters exchanging glances around the page... Just having some fun..




I've always thought it was a funny word for an article of woman's clothing... Especially considering that there isn't any kind of blaster cannon, or rocket launchers attached to it.. But I digress, here's a little snippet from today..
Hope you dig...And Drop me a line if you have the desire...



Exploring New Palettes..

I liked the profile on this lady I drew here. So I'm sharing it... I've seen women before with very pronounced brows and foreheads, and it makes for interesting drawings..
Beyond that I'm trying to use a wider palette of colors now and in the future... Will see if this is a step in the right direction..

Hope you Dig..


here are some more drawin's with some photoshop color to just keep my mind and hands movin'..
Hope you dig..



Bean Man!

Just posting before I leave the office for the day....
Been very busy this week. Lots of digital painting on this comic project that sprang up in my department, perhaps I'll be able to share some of it when it launches. For now I'm pumped to do some painting and drawing on my three day weekend. Now lets I can carry that trend on through the weekend...or If I'm gonna sleep in and knock about the apartment.

Hope you dig..



I'm trying to to let the posts slide too much but work is heavy now and I think I closed my eyes for like 2 hours last night if that.... But, getting to paint and do drawings, can be very satisfying...

Here's a snake...the next few posts might have to be just scans w/o color...
I hope you dig and that I see you again when some more posts drop..



talking bear

Trying to remember my bears..

Hope you dig..


skribblets 01/10

The weekend had its ups and downs... But on the whole it was good, still not enough time spent drawing.. Here are some skribbles with some colors attached for today...

Hope you dig..




Woke up to some fine NY Snowfall this morning...
I didn't see this lady on the street, she was fun to scribble out and throw some tones down on..

I hope yah dig..
Comments, and feedback always appreciated..

Stay warm out there...



Random Critters...

these are some older pen drawings I had on hand...I figured I'd add a splash of color and share them with the blog..

Hope you dig.


The second Demise of Sam Clemens..

The current news story surrounding the suggested alterations of his works kinda, had me scratching my head today...So I took a few and drew the man behind Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

Hope you dig..




I had noodled out this head study based on an older drawing of shaman I'd done... I played with some color and kinda like it...so I'll post..

Hope you dig..



2011, things I will shoot for...

I make images.

Some good, some bad, and others are just studies that crop up in my mission to be better at my craft while making a name for myself among you all (my peers) in the art community...

I'm not sure what I'll do with my year of 2011, But its a year flush with options and ripe with potential.

A.)I'm shooting to reboot the website. Gogopedrodotcom will rise again.

B.)March Modok Madness is alive and well in 2011!

C.)I plan to do more showpieces in the new year. I've made some good gallery contacts in the last year and hope I can parley that into more invitations in the future..

D.)I hope to get all over my figure drawing efforts, and possibly take some classes to build new skills.

E.)I also think I'm gonna post more on this here Blog. I'd toyed with the idea that I'd done something like 400 posts in the last four years... So I wondered if i could do 400 posts..in one year...

F.)I'm considering throwing together a book (but, I'm unsure if people would want to buy something like that in these economic times).

I think I can, but I hope you'll all come by and visit me while I'm at it..
Best wishes to you all and feel free to share your artistic new years aspirations with the community.

Here's to 2011.

p.s. Hope you dig the girlie..