March MODOK Madness is winding down here over the next few days and I'll be busy wrapping that up so that I can get on with news business... Not to mention the inevitable Taxes I have to sort out...

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MOJO-DOK from the universe of super evil. Fear HIM!
There have been a few interesting mash up Marvel villains over at March MODOK Madness this year. I'd been stuck on this idea for a while and found a bit of time to do this fun little image... I figured he'd be emerging from an energy portal with his hyper fraculating digital remote controller. Fit for blasting our minds with countless hours of shitty television programing...Maybe some Toddlers in Tiaras.... Heck even MODOK has a Tiara, but its build for delivering deadly Mindblasts! Take that couch potatoes he screams.

Well, with all that being said March MODOK Madness is about to wrap up for 2012. It's been a fun one, so if you wanna head over to MarchMODOKMadness you can check out the works from this year as well as scoping out the total works from the past 5 years... Very cool stuff there, and its worth a look. Also, visit my friend Brendan Tobin's BLOG. He does some of his awesome comics and comic inspired artwork. I also need to thank him for sharing another year of the MODOK MADNESS with me. He's just plain awesome.

Thanks for following the blog there at MMM, and also thanks for following me here at the Bears and Bears. I appreciate it...

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Mini Gold Armored Warrior..

Cald in a mighty suit of shining Golden Armor. When he charges into battle he enjoys a plus +20 defense verses fire, electricity, and ice attacks. Also he only takes half damage from missle attacks and gets a +5 damage to all melee attacks.

Truly a mighty suit of armor. Making him a mini mighty Warrior. Plus random Blue hair!
Hope you dig.




He loves noodle dishes and is absolutely wild about Sriracha sauce. MODOK often say's that the spicy red sauce is just like getting a MINDBLAST directed straight through to your taste buds.

So delicious, So deadly...

Hope you dig... Almost out of time for MODOK 2012!!



My friend Elliot makes cartoon shorts based around two characters named Boxhead and Roundhead... He's also in the process of making a feature with these characters... Last year he'd requested that I make some Boxhead and Roundhead art for a competition he was having. I was honored to contribute to the prize pool but admit that every once in a while I get the hankering to draw these charming little characters on my sketch pad... So loose ...

Hope you dig.


He's a Heroic HALFLING.

I've had a pad of college ruled type lined paper nearby over the last few days... Don't normally draw on the stuff. But, will not deny that much of my early artwork is on that particular type of paper... Drawing on it feels really nostalgic for me in a lot of ways. From the memories of drawing in the margins of my notebooks during class (probably could have been a more diligent student) even on to decorating character sheets while on a RPG campaign. Good times.

Drawing and doodling always calms me down, inducing a kind of a meditative state.
I constantly struggle to keep drawing like this of late and it's not always easy. Sometimes I'm just too worried about a work deadline, or personal stuff, or the state of the world going on around me. Gotta pay the bills, ya know.
In these instances I lose focus on that core feeling of exploration/joy that I get from drawing and doodling. Drawing makes me truly happy, its a wonderful escape!

On the blog here I share lots of images that make me happy and I'll make every effort to keep that in mind...

Hope you dig this guy.
He's a level 15 thief.. He has high skill points in concealment too... He's actually hiding eight daggers, a suit of chain mail, a dwarf ax, and 16950 pieces of gold on his person along with all of his other supplies. He may not be much on steal with all that weight but he's a master of hiding things.
I've named him Halberd Heaterhedgerow. People sometimes call him HAL..

Again thanks for stopping by, Hope you dig.


ZooKeeper Zeke...

Usually I'm up late in the evening. Here's a late night sketch on some notepaper... From some weeks back I believe... Lots of fun with sharpie and some marker over top... Super happy I didn't get any wild Smearing of the inks. Other then that I slapped some quicky digital color on it for fun.. Always Gotta remind myself to have fun...

Hope you dig,


The Cat goes NYAN!...

Funny enough this image began as a kitten head with weird pointy ears.. probably too long for proper kitteh ears, but it was a loose sketch. So I let it slide.. Then I figured I'd draw a toaster and some pop-tarts. The amalgam of all that is what you see before you...

Pretty silly I know but, fun to render out. I mean check out that fly semi pixel based rainbow... Enjoy the weekend everyone...

Hope you dig,


Fun and Educational...

Recently I was tapped to do a quick image for a friend. Normally I get overly wrapped up in these sort of images. They become all consuming. However, I managed to buckle down and just knock this out in a more concise time frame while still working on my overall workflow. True, I might have stopped after my first round of revision. But, I decided to push the pose a bit more, and am happy with what that additional time yielded me. Fun little image.

Plus, I had the chance to freehand a little KOREAN Text (HAN-GUL) into the image. Which made me rather nostalgic for my time spent living there years ago. I can still read the alphabet's characters and write them too. My vocabulary and Grammar is however deplorable. I talk like a Korean 5 year old who knows way too much profanity. But none the less it was fun. I sure Hope that Ethan likes the image. Otherwise, he might kick my ass with some TANG SU DO martial arts.

There's the whole Sha-bang. I just got an all clear to share the image as a whole...

P.s. I might revisit my Korean flashcard Idea.... I've not done any of that in ages...


Future Self Portrait...

I know it's a silly title for the image. But who's to say that I won't look like this in the future... Anything is possible.

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Here's a cartoon type MODOK. Because it's still March and he's loads of fund to draw..

Hope you dig,

P.S. Also go check out MARCH MODOK MADNESS!



For a little added holiday ZING here is the Paddy's Day post from MODOK this year.
If your gonna get your drink on tonight, please do be safe. Also, I can't really confirm the point of origin for MODOK's thrusters on this one... I'm blaming it all on a large meal of cabbage...

Hope you dig,

PADDY'S DAY Message!!

Happy Green holiday to you all.

Hope you dig, responsibly...


MODOK and DOC OCK Team up...


Also, a recent bout of MODOK sketches yielded this rather strange and off model Dr. Octopus drawing... I think his specs became a weird amalgam of The Mole Man, and Cyclops... Regardless it was good fun in color...

Hope yah DIG!


Something New..

Been watching episodes of the Muppet show lately, It seriously gets better with age.

Beyond that I've been a little lacking here of late with the posts and I'm feeling it on a spiritual level Sorta, incomplete...
I Just need to keep on pressing myself forward into new projects and personal work... Must dance FASTER!
In closing though there are some exciting things shaping up here in the coming days and weeks.. Wish me luck..

Hope you dig,



Gallery 1988 in Melrose will host to its second show themed around funny people that make us laugh... Last year I offered up a Ben Stiller themed image, and they liked it enough to invite me back this year. So, I hemmed and hawed on a subject for the image when I finally decided on JOHN PINETTE. I particularly like his stand up special, I SAY NAY NAY . So if your not familiar with him, CHECK HIM OUT! He does a fantastic Ewok impression, as well as a having a great singing voice..

The image may be my last transparency/ paper craft collage image for a while... I actually attempted working with a color transparency this time and found it to be a whole new area for exploration in doing images. Fun stuff.

So, If your in the L.A. area tonight GO CHECK OUT THIS SHOW!... Seriously, it's a good one.. Hell, WEIRD AL YANKOVIC is gonna be there, which kinda puts a tear in my eye while I sit here at my desk in NY... Damn I need a transporter device of some sort.

Hope you dig,



March MODOK Madness is less then one week old.
Stop on by and check out the Miasma of Magnificent MODOK Imagery.

This MODOK busted out his Big Rocking Hairdo to sing HOLY DIVER at the A.I.M. offices weekly Karaoke outing. He also signs a stirring version of "You were always on my mind." For obvious reasons.

Frankly, a good many of my Modok drawings are drawings that start being about one thing but gradually change focus to something else. Not sure how I got to this

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Sue Saw the Sun...

Here's a quick scribble from a recent stack o' stuff... Kinda liked the shapes and threw an experimental photoshop pass over it.... I'm liking what turned out..

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On this day in 1932, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth was born in Beverly Hills, California. I'd watched a film about his life and Custom auto work a few months back and figured that making him a caricature study was a good idea... He has a fantastic face for drawing studies, very expressive.

The film Tales of the RAT FINK was great too. A 2006 release narrated by John Goodman with some fun editing and motion graphics work in it. I think you can watch still watch it online too...
So much inspiration in his work.

Hope you dig,


Brown Paper MODOK in a BOX

It's the First of March.
So, beginneth our annual....
Tis' the month of MARCH MODOK MADNESS!...

My First post this our Fifth year of Modok Madness is actually in a gallery! Yep, a little framed drawing that I sent out to a show at ANNEX comic shop out in Newport Rhode Island some days back. This brown paper fella will be hanging in they're front window for the next month casting menacing glances at all who pass by. If your in that neck of the woods stop on by and scope it out.

Hope you dig,