Spaceguy Stu then realized that his air hose had wandered out of frame.  "Was he breathing now?  Was he even attached to a spacecraft anymore?"  His mind began to wander....dreaming of home.

My mind is adrift in the cosmos today.
So here is some art.

Hope you dig,



He is a bug named is Fred,
he is talking about a bed.
Fred talks about Beds.

Hope you dig,



All Shoulders. No Neck.
He's a Frankenscribble.

Hope you dig,


It's an OINK.

I once heard a discussion between an this mother and her young son, where they were reading a book about farm animals.  However, rather then calling it a pig the boy called it by the name of the sound it made.  I thing it's pretty awesome.

Hope you dig,



Mix yourself a coffee and O.J. and get back into the swing with this cat.
Inspired by Brendan Tobin's OFFICE CATS.

Hope you Dig,



Here is a cat with his pie chart. 
Discussing PIE, In a Meeting.

Hope you dig.

P.S. With many respects to my friend Brendan TOBIN for his wonderful OfficeCAT posts.


MONDAY and the MOB.

Feeling a tad out of it today, tired and a little sore.
Here's some art to keep my spirits up.

Hope you dig,


Underground Gentically Altered Combat Trained Reptile..


  I'm back from a whirlwind vacation around the L.A. area.  Getting back into some posting and sharing of artwork here on the blog.  CTNx certainly was daunting, and inspirational.
  Found this scribble of Leonardo and figured it was a good one to put up here and share.  Took a different approach to the Photoshop too.  I look to having drawings that are more narrative in the coming posts.
  Beyond that I'm just trying to ramp up my workflow again.  Shooting for some new goals and such.

Hope you all dig,


The Early Man

A Caveman, ON a Dinosaur with a Turtle OVER his head.
You gotta block those harmful UV rays 

Hope you Dig,



He was ready for battle, and even in the fading candlelight he was prepared. 
His eyes saw the enemy coming. He had his spear in hand. He was ready.

Hope you dig,

Tub Dogs..

Some Dogs in tubs.
Rough drawings from a project that didn't quite happen.

Still fun stuff to share.

Hope you dig,

In the mind of this dancing Bear...

I imagine he Just keeps plugging along.  Doing his kick dancing.. Repeating his rhythmic mantra...

Hope you keep going strong,


Lounge Act.

Or maybe he was supposed to be a dashing special Secret Agent.
I need to get my stories straight.

Hope you dig,


Rodent Ranger...

This guy wanders the wilds.  Having epic adventures and stuff.
I sure do love sketching with the felt tipped pens.
Hope you dig,


Traveler on Foot.

Pack a bag, and hit the road.
So much to see out there.

Hope you dig,


A Klingon State of MIND.

Hey all,

Here's a Klingon with his Bat'leth.  I figured the though bubble would help describe his inner mental workings.  You know, He doesn't like to talk about his feelings.

Hope you dig,

Getting all Colloquial.

I'm getting on here for a few more minutes before I catch some fast ZZZ's.
Spent a few minutes coloring this fella here to unwind.  I have looked at a lot of my drawings over the past five hours.  Sorting, Sifting, Batching, Labeling, Compositing, and it's hurting my eyes a bit now.
So, this is just a scribble.  Salvaged from the corner of a sketch page I had in front of me. Might have been the best bit of the whole page.  The shape beard obscuring his whole body was a fun concept.
Might try to revisit that in the future.

Hope you Dig,

Car toon Car

Everett was happy with his new vehicle.  It had tons of headroom and a very smooth ride.
I'm sitting here for a few hours tonight.  Digging through a big backlog of images.  I'll probably run some stuff out tonight, and tomorrow.  Just fiddling about.



New Green Suit

Bob didn't know what he'd be today... A goblin, a dragon, perhaps even an alien monster.  But, it didn't matter to Bob.  This was is big break.

Hope you dig,


Monday SLO' MO...

I'm moving a little slow today after having done a very long run yesterday. Figured this little turtle would probably move slow too.

Have a Good Monday everyone!

Hope you dig,


Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone!
I'm around, still drawing... ALWAYS Drawing, in spite of being tad withdrawn from posting regularly.  Flipped through the ol' stack o' sketches and found this Karate Kid inspired Johnny Lawrence type Hoodlum.

I bit I wrote below it has nothing to do with the movie, but it does seem like sound advice.
Wishing you all a safe holiday with unreasonable amounts of delicious

Hope you dig,

HOLY MOLY!  I also Drew this ZOMBIE today!


Crystals of Dungeon Vision.

Glowing crystals increase visibility in even the darkest dungeons.

This is mostly Flair feltpen & marker with a few patches and color mods in photoshop.

Hope you dig, and keep exploring while your at it...

Random Scribbletts with MARKER!

Two days in a row!
It's like I'm back on the wagon. Sorta.

I'm weeding through a heap of old images trying to cull out the least stinky drawings I can find in order to share a little bit, and perhaps prove that in spite of my absence that I am NOT a total lazybones.

A little marker work with the Copics in all of these and I framed some of it with a bit of Photoshop stuff. Kept it simple.

Hope you Dig.



I Sketched some professions that a kid might think about having when they grow up... And yes, I though about a future in FARMING.

Hope you dig,




He emerged from the velvety dark wasteland onto a bleak battlefield. 
Ready for Dungeons, prepared for combat. Eager to take Initiative.

Just some markers over a scribblet.  Some Photoshop over that.

Hopeth thou Dig,


Somewhere, Deep in Space...

.........We hear from a traveler amid the farthest reaches of the Cosmos.

I drew this guy at a comics meet up last week.  It was the last fiddly drawing of the evening, and I like it.
There is a little bit of photoshop over the basic black felt tip penwork.  I even realized that I had a liquid white pen in my bag and busted that out on the drawing surface to make some stars...

Oh, and before you go complimenting me on my clean looking circle (for his bubble helm) I'll come clean and let  you know that I drew it with the bottom of a wineglass.  Gotta use what is handy.
Have a good Friday everyone.

Hope you dig,




Last night in Brooklyn saw the opening of the 3NES show at Bottleneck Gallery. 
I submitted three images to the show, and was responsible for making images based on these big Nintendo Franchises...
Bowser Vs. Mario & The Convenient Axe.
Link Vs. The Dangers of a Rigged Money Making Game.
Samus Vs. Two Metroids & A Partial Justin Bailey Handicap.
I'll go on to say that I DID NOT CREATE THESE CHARACTERS.  But, they were fun do draw and play with.  I used a mix of Pencils, and Copic Markers (which I'm still fiddling with) to get these together.

The Venue was packed and I met a bunch of cool people.  It was kind of amazing to see the line of people that had formed outside of the gallery prior to the opening.  Some NES consoles were hooked up and I indulged in some MARIO BROS and a bit of METROID.  It felt great, and I forgot to photograph anything...  So, a good evening was definitely had.
Thanks again to everyone for the support at the opening last night.  Thanks and congrats to my fellow artists in the show and to Bottleneck for supplying the walls and press exposure.

Hope you dig,


Samus Sketch...

Tonight I'll have some Art up in Brooklyn For 3NES, a show centered around Nintendo's Big Three.  MARIO, LEGEND OF ZELDA, and METROID are all represented with my submitting an image for each game. 
I struggled with ideas early on, but feel like the images came out pretty good.
For now I'll share this sketch of SAMUS that I was working with.  I'll put up the finished images here in a few days for sure.

Hope you dig,



I'm working on wrapping up some show images today.  But, needed a few minutes to relax my eyes from looking at the light table and stuff.  Looking at the computer wouldn't seem like a good distraction from that but it worked just fine..

Here's some scribbles for a Saturday afternoon.  I strange bird of some unknown origin along with three lil' blob fellows.
Nothing special, bit o'marker, dash of photoshop, because little distractions can sometimes improve the workflow.

Hope you dig,



A bearded red Dragon perched in some jade green clouds.

Well, I'm getting back into a rhythm here so here's another recent scribble with an hour or so of photoshop color applied to it. Gotta remember to keep loose with my drawings, and with my digital paint as well.

Hope you dig,



So, We meet again.
Yes, Mega Man has popped up on my radar over the last few days.
Around the same time this sketch appeared by my desk.

His cold dead eyes let me know that he's out to destroy some Robot Masters.

Hope you dig.


Another night ahead...

Don't just sit there.... DRAW SOMETHING!
So tonight I'm working on some show images with markers again.
They are coming along alright if not a bit sluggish though.
Tried to loosen up today by knocking these out.

Not much Photoshop here (the watermark, a few hints of white gloss on noses and the flashlight tones) just some marker fiddling.
Gotta be less timid with this stuff.

Let me know what you think,


The Downtrodden Plumbah'.

Almost instantly the plumber came to a heartbreaking realization,
His Princess was in ANOTHER castle,
and he'd most certainly be late for his dinner reservations.

So, I'm doing some artwork for some gallery shows right now.
You'll never guess what it might be about based on this rough drawing.

I've been struggling with making some of the creative choices lately too.
It seems that when I brainstorm for shows these days I go through LOTS of failed ideas, or things that I've just gotta pass on (often due to resource or time constraints).  But, when all is said and done there are a few fun pages of drawings that would make good future images.

Perhaps I'll share those with you in a few weeks.
For now I leave you with a little slice o' my childhood.

Hope you dig,



This guy is riding a lil' scooter..
It's a warm sunny day.

Hope you dig,



He just isn't sure he can get that pay raise.
AND, also ignite that office Romance he's yearned for.

Hope you dig,

Senor BUHO.

He sits up all night, when the morn comes he is sleepy.
Mr. Buho is really an awful lot like me.

Hope you dig,



Dangerous villains with Straight Razors at ever TURN!..
Slapped some treatment on it and figured I'd share..

Stay safe out there everyone.



Feeling Rat-like...and Franchised.

Introducing...(Drumroll PLEASE.......) CHAPPY RAT!
Man, I've been out of the loop.
I wanted to put something up today. So, against all odds, I did.
I have a pad full of doodles here and had a hard time picking something to share. Should really just make a book already.

So you get this guy.
Straight from my brain matter, through my idle hands, and directly to your eyes.

Hope you dig.

Here is a cat...  Because it rhymes with RAT and some people really like Cats.


Growling Lizardo...

Felt like putting up one more today.
Mainly because of my disastrous absence.

He's a Lizardo and he's growling at me for not posting him up for you to see sooner.
Cranky lizard drawings are certainly to be feared and respected.

Hope you dig.


Absent for far too long of late.

Here's an albino type bear with some bamboo.
Again I assure you all that I'm still sketching.

Still making art.
Haven't become a plumber.
Didn't join that gang of wandering Samurai.
Not sailing a boat round the globe...

Will see about getting back on posting too.
Hope you dig.



Birthday Bear!

I'm OLDER today then I've ever been BEFORE.
Many thanks to my family and friends for seeing me this far along in life.
In honor of the day I drew this bear eating some cake that he's made with beer.
Hope you dig,



Silly little drawings...

I do a lot of them, because they make me happy.

Hope you dig,


Friday Bear!

A Bear. 
He is truly fit to wear a crown.
But, he's also sad so he'll wear a Frown.



Tonight, to Knight.

Grab a Shield, and your Sword.
March on out and fight the Horde.
Goblins, Orcs and, Ogres flee,
if you have the EXP.
Hey Cats and Kitties,

Two days in a row.... How about that... I might try to get myself back on the wagon here with the blog posting...
Fingers and Toes crossed.

Hopeth thou Dig,