Time to get Cooking.

Hey all,

Just a quick hello from the ol' Beers an' Bears because I've been a bit aloof of late with posting. It certainly has been on the warm side lately and that generally tends to keep me off the computer. Instead I favor of a cold drink and a sketchpad by the nearest fan or shady tree in weather like this. Beyond that the humidity and heat make me pretty sleepy, Which brings me to the art of this post...

On Monday, I awoke from a fitful evening of sleep to face the work week. Normally, my phone will sound the morning wake-up call (and following snooze alarms) to wrest me from my bed.... But I hadn't heard it. So, I got up. Upon getting dressed, I realized that I didn't have my phone. After a brief search it materialized underneath my bed. I figured I must have knocked it onto the floor, it does happen sometimes.

More interesting than finding my phone on the floor was finding that I'd received a text from my friend Brendan in Rhode Island earlier that same morning. The text simply read,

"I think you need to draw Walter White before Sunday on the blog."

So I did.
Later that day I scrounged a bit of ref and got down to a bit o' digital painting. I'm a fan of Breaking Bad and have actually painted Walt a few times before (three times I think) and figured I'd have another go at Mr. Cranston's MUG. On the whole I dig how the image came out... I tried to keep the paint rough and limit my brushes down to one or two. In the end I had to keep things simpler for the sake of time. So, the composition got truncated and I incorporated some Blue Meth. I might try to do a series of images like this...It was fun.

I'll see about compiling some of the work in progress here for the next post on the ol' blog. But, that might be a few days. For now I wanna wish everyone visiting the blog a safe and happy summer, and hope that you'll all enjoy the Season Premiere of Breaking Bad this Sunday evening.

Hope you dig...