Gallery 1988 and the 3B Show.

Well. Here they are, my 3B show Submissions.
I didn't get to go to the show last night. But, from what I've already seen the work is TIP TOP. Thanks again to the Autumn Society and Gallery 1988 for letting me get involved.

Thanks to the very talented Chris Vitola for lending his camera expertise and time to snap these quick picks of the artwork before I mailed them to the gallery.
Below are some scans I did of the work surfaces. So you can get a better look. I think the images actually look a bit better in person due to the use of some special mixed media, and the collage aspect of the backgrounds. But, all in all the images have been a learning experience for sure..

The Future Dudes: and The Forging of The BOOTH.

“Quietly Waiting for JUNO, His Caseworker...”

1:15 AM, Twin Pines Mall.

THE 3B SHOW will pay tribute to three 80's films starting with the letter B: BACK TO THE FUTURE, BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, and BEETLEJUICE.
The show will be on display from, May 5th to the beginning of JUNE at Gallery1988 Venice. So if your on the west coast stop on by and see them in person.

Gallery 1988 Venice:
214 Pier Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Hope you dig.


Elliot Cowan said...

Are you fucking kidding me?
It is really quite impossible to put in words just how fucking good you are.
Seriously, man.
You're making the rest of us look bad.

dayna said...

These came out amazing!!! I so wish I could go the show. Congratulations, Pedro. So very cool.

Allan Norico said...

the car looks fantastic!

Liam said...

Gorgeous stuff mate!


Thank you all for the support and kind words...Its most appreciated..