Birthday Bear!

I'm OLDER today then I've ever been BEFORE.
Many thanks to my family and friends for seeing me this far along in life.
In honor of the day I drew this bear eating some cake that he's made with beer.
Hope you dig,



Silly little drawings...

I do a lot of them, because they make me happy.

Hope you dig,


Friday Bear!

A Bear. 
He is truly fit to wear a crown.
But, he's also sad so he'll wear a Frown.



Tonight, to Knight.

Grab a Shield, and your Sword.
March on out and fight the Horde.
Goblins, Orcs and, Ogres flee,
if you have the EXP.
Hey Cats and Kitties,

Two days in a row.... How about that... I might try to get myself back on the wagon here with the blog posting...
Fingers and Toes crossed.

Hopeth thou Dig,



Do you remember a guy that drew bears, and stuff.  He'd put stuff on a blog and share drawings.  Yeah, I'm a goon and I've been out of touch for a very very long time.  I'm still drawing, believe me.  Just need to get back into posting stuff for you all to see.

If you are still around checking stuff out, many thanks to you.
I'll see about getting some more art for you.