Happy belated holiday wishes to you all. I didn't have access to a scanner here but, it did sketch some santa type stuff... In the absence of any YULE type art from me this year I submit this stuff I have from a few weeks back...

Hope you dig and keep enjoying your holidays...



I liked this little toon Centaur Knight fellow... Cantorsworth, is his name and jousting is his game... Perhaps I'll get into more stuff like this next year... with more storytelling...
This guy makes me think of wandering the country side tilting at windmills... Like I normally do.
Will try to work out some sort of holiday greeting image while there if possible... Something mighty simple...

Beyond that Wish me a safe flight. I look forward to keeping the blog rocking into the new year.
I hope your all doing well.

Wishing you all many blank pages and plentiful ideas,



ER......... I mean 400.

One Year ago, I set a goal for myself. I decided to match the number of posts I'd made in the first four years of my blog over the span of twelve months... 400 Posts later, I can say "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!".

I had a tough time picking an image to post as image 400. I opted for this one since I kinda hoped for a sense of enlightenment. to accompany my feeling of accomplishment at meeting this goal. I also want to take a quick moment and thank all my friends and followers who've supported my efforts and checked in on the blog... You all drive me to be better at what I do. You are all Awesome.

In closing I feel pretty good about my endeavor, and the work it turned out. I'll take it easy for a few weeks now as the holidays approach so that I can relax my drawing arm a tad. I imagine I'll post once or twice more before the year is out but I wanna keep it simple. Because, Next year there will be MORE ART for me to make, and I look forward to sharing it with you here.

Hope you dig,



Hey all, here are duet of drawn duckies for my post labeled Deuce. The first one has a pretty clear message to it, and I was really happy with the drawing. The second one is a pretty generic duck drawing for me. Next year I really want to shoot for breaking away from some of my more generic figure drawing practices... Want to get better every day..

Hope you dig,



Today I'm nearing the end of my month long Mustache fundraising to help Underfunded teachers and School programs. I sacrificed my Mighty beard for the cause, and replaced it with an awkwardly awesome mustache. So here's an Mustache sketch from a forgotten stack of sketches.

ALSO!, I'm throwing in this extra page of sketches from a long train trip a few nights back.

Hope you dig.



Here are a couple of heads with a quick hit of photoshop. Like how they came out, and I'll probably treat more stuff like this in the future.

Hope you dig,



FOX and SWINE don't always get along, because they're nothing alike. Fox is a pretty big jerk but, we'll try to let it slide because I'd heard that Swine completely turned Fox's den into a Sty.

Hope you dig,



I imagine that whales have bigger brains then this one. But, I still like the guy..

Here's hoping you dig him too.
Comments and feedback welcome.


Street Mines...

Living in New York puts in close proximity to street mines. Meaning sidewalk dog poops... It's one of those little pet peeves I have, I don't think people should have dogs if they don't wanna take care of them properly... If you walk your dog in public, don't be like this guy... PICK UP THE POOP!.

Hope you Dig,

Single White Feline

He's your average everyday white house cat. Furthermore, he's surly... He fancies Veal Parm, and detests every third Monday. Scratch that, he doesn't like Mondays period... He want's to know if he can get Chinese food for lunch...

Hope you dig,



Wanted to put some very loud colors on this head sketch... Happy with the outcome, Imagine I'll do some more in the coming year..

Hope you dig.



At the time of this count, I should have 390 posts. This Demon is putting me on the way towards a full 400 for the year of 2011. I kinda like how this came together and I'm happy that I trimmed the remainder of the drawing off. I had a woman in the drawing like they were a demon couple family portrait.

I hope you dig.


I've drawn a few swash buckling swordsmen lately. Some wacky colors popped up in this image but, I kinda liked them. If you have anything to say about this silly scribbled fellow, please do.

All for one, one for all. Hope you dig.



Been a while since I threw some colors on a little female sketch. I trimmed out some of the figure in this drawing. I thought it was a little rubbish. However, I enjoyed her face. I liked the ears and the shape of the hair.

Hope you dig,


TECHNO Style Hamlet an' Yorick

I've drawn this pose more times then I can count... Drawn different skulls, and characters I always have fun with it... Here I opted to make a future high tech version of Hamlet. Perhaps he's got a bionic limb and when he does the scene with the skull Its some sort of Alien skull.

Hope you dig,