March is winding down.. But, MODOK is going out with A ROAR!..
Because MODOK is into ordering around all the AIM Beekeepers. He figured he'd take it one step further and have the staff at AIM HQ build him a monument... Maybe like a sphinx or some other monolithic structure that would display his greatness for ages to come... So MODOK gathered his henchmen, told them that they where going on a weekend team building retreat. Then geared up in his royal headgear and oversaw the construction. THUS he BECAME PHARAOH-DOK!. In an interesting side note...his visor says "Kill" in heiroglyphs and I based a lot of the mask design on Tutenkhamen. Furthermore he also, had some Canopic jars specially made to house the remains of any hero's that dared oppose him.

This is the last day of MARCH MODOK MADNESS! I invite you all to come and check out the BLOG!, We've had some really great art for 2011.


Sunday Post...

And here's something to keep the blog rolling while I'm working at my desk across the room..THUNDHAR BOLTS!!!..Work work work.

Hope you dig him.


Saturday Post...

Just something to keep the blog Rolling on through Saturday, as sit across the room at my desk...Drawing in the afternoon sun....

Have a good day,


Turbo Colored MODOK

March is winding down, and I've got a boatload of things to wrap up. I only have a few more MODOKS for this year, and then, I'll have to save the rest for 2012. For now here is a Colorful and speedy version of a Killer Mental Organism... I figured I'd give him some green manga type hair when I painted the image. I don't remember why I did it this way But, I just had fun with it.

I hope you dig him..



I ate out at a pub last week and sat at a table with four placemats.... All the place mats have been sufficiently doodled on and I figured I'd post them up one by one as I was able...

Hope you dig..



I'm still trying to work in the random MODOK post here and there during this month... I surprisingly had the foresight to prep some images towards the beginning of March and I've been feeding them to the blog when I don't have time to work up anything new...
This March has actually spread me a little thin believe it or not. But, hopeful I'll complete all that I've set out for myself to do.. Then I'll get back to my more personal stuff. ALSO, For an alternative version of this MODOK you can stop in over at MARCHMODOKMADNESS!.
Thanks again for stopping by the beers and bears,

I hope you dig...


Here's some dude, in the the many wild colors he digs... I hope you guys are all having a good Tuesday... Just figured I'd work in some bright colors for a few..

Hope you dig.



this guys is having a rough time. I figured he was shackled up some kinda dungeon.

Hope you dig.


Handstand Pushups

I can't do handstand pushups. But, I figured this guy could when I drew him...
Hope you all had a good weekend.

Drop a comment if you have a minute or two..


Nail File

I just took a break from doing my stuff, to take a walk outside and see tonights full Moon...or as the news is calling it..."SUPER MOON". I'm about to sign off and WOLF OUT.

Have a good evening everybody...

Hope you dig.


This is my motto for the day today. I've got lots to do... Time to get'er done...

Hope you dig this lady doing some moving and shaking.


Hey buddy.

I dunno where the drawing spawned from...but it spawned...Just a quick little doodle while I'm working away on some other projects at the moment..

Hope you dig..



It was a peaceful land....Full of peaceful folk.
They had some kegs of green beer, some whiskey, and even a live band of pipers to come and make merry. It was a cool evening on March 17th....
It was a cool evening on March 17th when NORDOK sailed silently towards the shore. He then savagely sacked the party and killed many foes.. He drank all the green beer, and the whiskey, and slept till the following day when he was ready to sail to another site of conquest...

Hope you dig...



White Whale

It's a White Whale...Nothing else to say about it..

Hope you dig..


Rachmaninov or Rachmaninoff

Found this drawing of Rachmaninoff today on the computer from some weeks back. The proper spelling of his name will be forever a mystery to me..is it Sergei or Sergey, and aren't they the same thing.. I do however prefer to spell his last name with the two F's.
Regardless of all that, I wanted to try and loosen up a bit so I played some of his music and put a bit of finish on the sketch. I might come back to it and do a more finished Illo in the future...
For the moment though I am somber, so much to process in the past several days...I think I'll drink my tea... try to clear my head, and listen to perhaps my favorite bit of Rachmaninoff's work:
The Prelude in C sharp Minor Opus 3 No. 2
Moody Music...for a relatively Moody evening..

Hope you dig the work...I'll post more soon...


This MODOK was kinda a quicky...I've had a lot on my mind of late...

Hope you dig.


Mutt Head....

just a quick drawing of some dude with a weird meathead, some tiny eyes and some mighty thick stubble...

Hope you dig him..


More MODOK...

I figure I'll post him to the MARCH MODOK MADNESS later tonight... Right now I'm digging into some comp sketches for upcoming show images....Gotta put some hustle behind my muscles...

Make ART!!!
Hope you dig..




Here's a sketch from some weeks back...She was a lawyer doing a discussion on the business of being an artist and dealing with taxes..
Just wanted to post, and wrap up my day... Try and bounce back into things for tomorrow..

Hope you dig.



Yeah....Just me having more fun with whales...I thought it was a right whale...I was WRONG...its kinda just an unspecified whale...

Still I hope you dig him...

Props an Placemats...

If you were to look at me for the first time...you'd probably say to yourself.
"He eats in a lot of diners; and believe me you wouldn't be wrong... I tend to enjoy a good diner meal, but I'm also particularly keen on restaurants with PLACEMATS...LOVE THEM! I tend to be a pretty clean eater so they usually make it through the meal unscathed... But, man...its just fun to jot on them before the food shows up... ON this one I drew a few things from off the table we were eating at, and then I took the remainder back to my desk where I sketched some items I had laying about....

Hope you dig



It just started as a pen scribble I didn't think to make him albino until i started the quick paints on it... I liked the idea alot...and VOILA!
Extra Pale MINDBLASTS for all!

Hop on over to MARCH MODOK MADNESS, to see this and other great images.


Antler Chimp

I dunno what it is...but it's creepy lookin'.

Hope you dig...


Last minute Misshapen Mario Monday...

In the final Minutes of Monday I wanted to share this misshapen drawing of our favorite video game plumber...

Dunno what possessed me to do it...but here it is...
Hope you dig..

I put some MODOK in my MONDAY..

Well, we've hit the first week checkpoint here at MMM 2011, and things are going great. If you've got a MODOK up yer sleeve...get out your art supplies and make some magic. MINDBLASTS FOR ALL!.. MARCHMODOKMADNESS!

Hope you dig,


Rainy Sunday night...

Here's a little something from my desktop this evening...
Trying to warm up a rather dreary evening...

I hope you dig.

MIGHTY MODOK toasts Wolverine...

All Logan did was ask for a light, and MODOK screamed "REGENERATE THIS!!!!"
Mindblast be mighty powerful stuff..
To see more MODOK artwork.. Pop in Here.




I did some art recently for the super talented Elliot Cowan, based on his Boxhead and Roundhead animated shorts... I'm wrapping up the image at present... It's been a great pleasure to know Elliot for the past four years in person, and the additional three years before that when we met on the Drawingboard art forums... His drawings are Hilarious, and always vibrantly (sometimes Violently) energetic.. I'll check with him to see if I can link to the finished work in the future..

UPDATE! See the work HERE, and enter to win fantastic prizes...

Hope you dig..



Sperm Whale...

I'm not really sure why they're called Sperm Whales... But I did draw one a few nights back on some scratch paper...and here it is..

Hope you Dig 'um.


Videogames and MODOK

Since the installed that gaming system in the AIM Headquarters Breakroom. MODOK, certainly has been working on his combo attack and tech hits.

March is off to a great start guys, Looking forward to more awesome art..
Hope you all dig,


Winged Loaf of Bread....

I received a delicious loaf of home baked bread last weekend. It had some wheat flour in it and very tasty Parmesan cheese throughout.. It was wonderful, So since she wouldn't accept my money for the loaf I drew her this little clip image of a flying loaf of bread... She digs it... so, I'll post it here for you to see..

P.S. Here's a version with text on it...

Hope you dig,


Hey MODOK fans,
Here's my first one from the 2011 season.
I think I have some cool stuff lined up in the weeks to come, so keep your eyes peeled.
Drop on in over at: MARCHMODOKMADNESS!

Hope you dig,