I noodled out one bear during lunch and spent a fem minutes here and there this afternoon modifying that one bear. It's just silly. But, I though it would make cool wall paper for a kids room if i messed with the designs a bit more...



Where A BEAR?!?

I have gone three Posts and have displayed none of our furry nature dwelling friends......that will just not do.

Here yah go. He has been living on my wacom for some time now. He chases after my bad drawings....and when he catchs them.....he eats them.... RAWR!!

Keep skribbling,

Off White Photo test.

So tonight I did some figure drawing...
I have missed three weeks and seriously needed to get back into the mix...... I have been drawing lately on pads of newsprint cuz I like to draw big and it lets me loosen up a lot more. After the session My friend Allen was telling me about this method of photographing drawings from my newsprint and tuning the lighting up so that they would look like simple black line drawing on white surfaces...I was all ears..
I rushed home to try it out and I think i am missing a lot of the gear that I needed......But, I tried it anyways. I photo graphed the drawing on the newsprint under a set light..... Next I shot the same lighting but with some white paper ( I think I really do need an Illo board or something whiter then the paper I used.... i should also use a more natural white light....this one is kinda red....will try again an let you know when it works.

I doctored a bit in the photo chop shop and here is an attempt I made on correcting this drawing i had from a last year.......Nothing from tonight, I did skunky drawings tonight......Yuck.



He's coming...

making a list and checking it twice. that spider guy in the red and blue will be saving the day in a little under 3 weeks...
so please show him some love when he arrives..


Lefty Loosey....

Dateline.......Yesterday New York, East Side.

So yesterday I took a train down to Harlem and walked crosstown on 125 st. to get over to the east side. I was attending a mock drawing session that a few friends had envited me to particpate in. The models where clothed which I haven't dealt with for a while. But I had a great time regardless....the class was improptu with some fun story telling poses and contests.....

One such contest was to see who could do the best wrong handed drawing. So, If you will look at the drawings below you will clearly see that I am Right handed.....

However, my lefthanded drawing managed to enter the judging.... and guess what happened.

You guessed right.

I wanted to send My thanks to the models (Wendy, and the Happy Homewrecker) and the coordinator (Betty) for this....I look forward to doing another one on down the road...after i have some much needed practice under my belt..


Bears and More....

For your viewing enyoyment.
I have a doodle of a bear on standing on its head, another doodle of a bear napping on a lazy rainsoaked sunday, and yet another doodle of a bear up to something sinister..

and, GASP!!!!.........
A non Bear related drawing!!

Yeah submarines!!

Hope you diggum' like honey smacks



Heres a Bear...eating a fish.....

thats all...



V is for VODKA

Here is a that is investigating some Siberian cheer...and looking forward to spring...



Getting started on the Wrong foot...

AN-NYONG, HOLA, and Hello Dear Bloggers!

So to begin....
I was never going to have one of these things to myself. I caved, because it is easier to update then my sight is currently and it gives me the opportunity to spread the good word about some of the other talented people I know.

I called the thing "Beers and Bears"because I couldn't think of anything clever. I drink beer, and I like drawing bears. I don't think this will just be images of beer and bears. I do draw other stuff. Regardless I will try to make the work...not suck (to badly).

I thank you all out there for your support and for checking out what is to come in the future......