Happy Holidays EVERYONE!
GO 2009 GO!!



Last Seven! MUSTACHES!!


Doing some great Charity work on this end, and its all coming to the end.
Here are my last Mustache images.

Doing some great Charity work on this end, and its all coming to the end.
Here are my last Mustache images.




Holidays = No Time & No Time = Stress.

I am about two weeks behind in posting on my one month mustache mission.
So, I will put down some stored works now, and hopefully have the rest of the months stuff. for Friday.
Well thats for whomever is out there reading, and keeping up.

I owe seven more drawings to make an even four weeks. I should have them posted soon.



Big Fat 'Stache Dump...


I screwed the pooch on this one. I've not posted in something like A week or two....SHAMEFUL. So here is some Ketchup, for your daily eggs and hashbrowns.

First, We look at the Grizzly Gulch VULTURE. So, named because most of the data found on this bird places it around the area now know as grizzly gulch, Utah. early settlers were able to see the last of these great carrion birds of the west. Even some early wester novelists commented on this birds particular love of preening its long whiskers with a pomade, composed of spit and entrails. The bird was characterized as having a loud cackling call (often called a "Laugh"), and was also recorded to steal the deeds to houses, swipe farmers daughters, and tie cattle to railroad tracks. Truly, a masterful bird of the great American west.

Next, I have a rare rendering of a "MAN-TELOPE". This animal is rumored to still exist in secluded areas of the vanishing American plains. Few Fossils and remains have been collected simply because this creature migrates to the seas as it dies. There the creature sets adrift on its mighty mustache to be buried at sea. MANTELOPE pelts are extremely rare, and make terrific rope.

Few People Know that Turkeys in late Jurassic period had extra GOBBLERS. These mustache shaped Appendages where brightly colored like yellow sunkissed gold and said to be used as a warnging to predatory animals. Its calculated that with this extra mustache power, the bird could put any creature foolish enough to eat it into a one week coma after only half a servings worth of meat (light or dark). Early native tribes are told to have captured the bird to harvest drugs that would incapacitate animals that they would hunt. Tribes called these food animals PHANN, and they would TRYP them with the TURKEY's powerful biological sedatives. This is the origin of our modern word Tryptophan.

Finally, I will close out my study of the 'STACHED animals by discussing the now extinct Desert Bwondo Lizard. Fossils of this creature have shown it could grown mustache whiskers 6 feet long. This early Lizard is believed to have used these Mustache whiskers to smell and taste its food. It is also believed that the males of this species used their Fine whiskers to cradle and steady unhatched eggs as these nomadic creatures wandered the arid lowlands.

This will wrap up my mustahce animals week.. I have more drawings and some yet to catch up on. I will post some more soon.

Till then, Keep on plugging away and if you wish to help my mustache with a donation. just go here.