Get Tough....

Hey there Friends of the blog,

This is URSALA! Queen of the Cave Bears! I cranked out this image for the Angel City Derby Girls out in LA. They're hosting their fifth EAT YOUR ART OUT art auction show this Saturday Feb. 25th and I'm on the dance card.
The theme for this show was Carnival After Dark, and I began by waffling back and forth on what to make (tattooed ladies, fat ladies, Bearded ladies, and contortionists mainly) before deciding that girls kicking ass on roller skates might appreciate the concept of the classic strong woman. Did some research and found some cool old reference photos and stuff. Had lots of fun plotting out the early sketches and noodling with how muscular I was gonna make this lass. This then led to some struggles while I tried to finalize the image where I learned that, indecision does indeed suck. In the end I wound up with this bulky brawny beauty. Which then led me to making a narrative for her as a Strong woman who fights with Grizzly Bears in a spectacular side show event.

I'll see about going back to some of my old sketches here in the future and doing a few more of these, maybe a little strong woman series. I'm trying to branch out more. Truth be told I do draw more then just beers, bears, caricatures, and other stuff. I actually filter out some of my work here and there when I post, but I'm trying to share more varied art with you here, in the future.

Hope you dig,

P.S. this is an early comp ans sketch that I'm attaching just for kicks..

Also, I even dabbled in a bit of font building during this project... built the letters I needed in Flash with vector shapework... Probably some of my favorite stuff to do with that program.


March Modok Madness 2012!!!

Next week Brendan and myself gonna begin our FIFTH annual (yeah you heard me FIVE years) art assault in honor of our Malicious Master... MODOK! We hope that you'll come visit share with us in the Celebration of this fantastically strange Jack Kirby Kreation. Scope out all the posts at MARCHMODOKMADNESS! Or even follow the Modok Madness on Facebook or twitter if you so desire... We'd love your support..

Looking forward to another great year!
Hope you dig.



Pencils, Markers, and a Dash of the shop...

Here are some rando head's I had from yesterday while I was loosening up...
I'm working on two or three images right now for a few upcoming shows...

More to some soon.
Hope you dig.



What's in a name...

If this image is any indication It has to do with Beers and Bears... Kinda like the title of this here blog...

Hope you dig.


Face in a box..

I was digging this weird little dudes face, but he didn't have a head... So I put him in a block of color... Just for kicks...

Hope you dig,


This Space fella has a Portal Device... I think it makes wormholes....

Hope you dig,



Before I worked in Advertising, I held down a design job within an animation studio here in the city. It was largely Flash design and in spite of my lack of familiarity of the program up front. The job and deadlines taught me to really like Designing and making vector art within flash. It is just more fun for me then screwing around in Illustrator. At least within Flash I get the ability to use vectors, while kinda molding them like I was sculpting. Furthermore the selection tools are much easier for me to muck about with instead of Illustrator. Also I kinda like bringing whatever Vector art I've built into Photoshop for some texture application and finish a bit.

If you look at the ViewMaster disks here you can see that I started this file back in 2009 and sorta forgot about it till now... I like what turned out, and also miss some of those things that fascinated me when I was a kid... The ViewMaster was always extra special to me (kinda wish I still had one), I liked the artwork that was involved with them and the act of holding it up to your eyes and clicking away at that little orange lever to advance the slides... There was even a comforting twang of the spring as the mechanism advanced the images forward...

If your not familiar with some of what Viewmaster images look like this fella HERE, has some spectacular images of slides old and new... Definitely cool..

Seriously love this kind of stuff...
Hope you dig...


Dead Air....

Yeah I'm gonna fess up to the fact that after last years output of work here I've taken a small hiatus here of late... I'm sorry for that, and I am certainly working on some stuff here. It even comes to my attention that I haven't posted my bullet points for Goals I had for this year... So, I'll try and get to that here within the next few days... For now here's a screen grab of something I'm fiddling with...

"you know what it might be??"

Hope you dig,



It's a Bear!..

He was cobbled really quickly using two sketches i had laying about and some text that I'd made for an upcoming image...

Deco inspired Text is pretty awesome...

Hope you dig.



I'm doing some vector graphics for a font I'm making for a project...
Plugging away at the graphics and I found one of them made me think of a waterfowl...
Thus this little image spawned out with some photo shop...

Love drawing some ducks, getting me ramped up for weddings this year
Hope you dig.


Bonus: Telescoping Duck necks for anyone that thinks Ducks should be more Giraffe-like.



Colorful Birdie..

Just a quickie color treatment for the day.
Drawing took a few, and the color took a few more in photoshop but, it was fun...
Got more stuff on deck...

Hope you dig,


What's next?

It's a question I ask myself from time to time and in most instances I don't get a super clear answer... But, I press onward regardless in spite of lingering confusion. At the moment there are many projects on my plate that I'm working on. So, I'll update about those as they're relevant. Beyond that MODOK is coming with the month of March again this year.. so, I'm getting stoked for that...

So for now here's an image with no real narrative,just confusing stuff. Kinda like me.

Hope you dig,



I think I started this paint as sort of a tribute the day after Ronald Searle passed away last month. I shelved it for a few weeks while doing other assorted personal/ work stuff, and just today decided to give it a little more time and attention...
I'm kinda happy with what I turned out, the color was quickly applied and I probably could've put more though into it. However it made for fun exercise and observation...

I know I've got a few caricature type folks floating around here in the feed and wonder if you have any feedback. It's not the most extreme exaggeration, But that's something I'll have to keep working on in my images...

Hope you dig,