Mucking about in Muck.

Here are some more fiddle dee dee frescos...minus the plaster, and the talent maybe..
They where both quick sketches and they are like minded in the way I drew them.

Hope you dig..



Paint Peddler..

I've been photoshopping lately.

No surprise if you've been by the blog lately. But, lately the goal's been to loosen up in my appication. Shooting for color and mood...working on building up images faster. Probably with a little less emphasis right now on the finished and polished rendering.

Will see what turns out...
Here's something old, and something new...
Old, Drew this like two years back, and applied color just this week.

New, Drew this a few months back (it was very rough) and also just colored this week.

Lemme know what you think.
I hope you dig..




I'm still taped up and sore where they surgeon sliced me open, its been almost a month now... When will this end?
I'm recovering but, still don't feel better..Sitting isn't comfy, standing gets rough after a long time, and lying down isn't any real prize either... I'm trying to keep positive (with drawings/painting/pints/episodes of the A-team/and my close friends, but feel myself slipping a little. Bumming out a little. I wanna run again, and lift, and be more active...but, with the medical stuff requiring me to take it easy I feel as thought I'm a little old before my time.

Well Enough of my B.S.
These are the actual drawings I did at Medical Center while I waited for the Surgeon to work on me. They called the night before to tell me when to report for Pre-Op, and they then told me to bring nothing other then the clothes on my back, and a case for my glasses....
No cash, no phone, no backpack,...nothing. I figure they probably have a problem with personal items walking off and rather then claim responsibility, it was smarter not to bring them...
But, no sketchbook? That's too much to ask. It's a waiting room, and a train ride downtown..I'm gonna be bored...
So I clipped some little cutlets of paper together with a binder clip, and grabbed a ballpoint pen, and my house keys, and I was out the door.
These are some of those drawings.

Hope you dig.




I recently noodled this out for the "Schoolgirls" thread over at the DRAWINGBOARD.ORG..
Its funny because a few days later I decided I'd spearhead, the revival of a "Big Girls" thread on that very same forum... Man I love curves.

Hope you dig.




Pretty cool weekend. Just wrapped up.
Hung out with an old friend, and had some good times...
SHOT SOME ZOMBIES IN RESIDENT EVIL 5 CO-OP and bumped into a real life zombie on a subway train....
Well I'm pretty sure he was a junkie. But seeing him, and a passing image of the movie poster for the new STAR TREK. Set my mind wandering...
The crew of the enterprise is sucked into a vortex where they visit a world populated by junkies.

"It's LIFE Jim, But not as we know it...."

Hope you dig



I returned to the Society for Illustrators last night, and was educated in three things..

A... Don't be late, better to show up early, that place packs in....
B... It's hard to sharpen your pencils without the aid of your pencil sharpener, I'm sure left it in my pencil bag. No sign of it though, so I destroyed two prismacolor pencils with my pocket knife while trying not to remove all the fingers on my left hand.
C... Women in costume are really hard to realize in shorter drawings.. Plus if the costume is a poofy tu-tu skirt, a corset and costume butterfly wings, you need to be prepared to loose some serious anatomical detail.

In short last night was a CHALLENGE...But, I'll continue to sharpen my tools.
Any feedback is welcome.




Over the past some days, since my surgery.
The Drawing Board (a artists forum where I sometimes post work) has been holding one of there Caricature Challenges and the topic for this month was SCARLETT JOHANSSON...
I Scribbled a bunch of studies while bedridden after the procedure, and put one into a rough photoshop finish seen below:

This was harder then I'd expected and I wasn't happy with it in the end. In fact, I had to go back and fix here hair to not look like PINK. Needless to say, harsh words passed between me and my tablet, I cried a little, and vowed that I'd just chalk it up as another failed drawing and let go of trying to render a passable lady Johansson...

Or, so I though....

It seems that I am a Bear for Punishment because some days back I opened a new image of this little lady and scrawled another study, It two was bad...but, I saw a glimpse of hope in it....
So, I took it it photoshop. Pushed some of it around until I was please and then layed into some rendering..Resulting in what you see below.

I am still not happy with it, but I think it looks far more like her then the last pass I made. So, I'm gonna let it go at that. However, truth be told her face will haunt me now....just so hard to nail down...I shouldn't draw beautiful people I guess. But now I can relax with some nice figure drawing and rest...

The End?

Well Hope you enjoy. Lemme know what you think.




Super Mutant Healing?...

Naw, But I wish i had it right now. I'm two weeks out of surgery now, and though things are better then they where just 14 short days ago (when there was a three inch hole in my side) I still don't feel like I'm back to some state of normal.

I drew this a few weeks back whilest eating with some friends. Its a fiddly little Logan Sketch that I slapped a little color onto. But the funniest part is, I grabbed the image after I'd rendered it and played with some filters on it. I was doing this to make a texture layer to pull my colors together, and it actually wound up making this cool little graphic version that still reads as Logan.

Well, I'm gonna keep healing.
Hope your all well.




Yeah....She wasn't my prom date...
But, I would've liked that.

Also you can see what the mess of lines looked like before I carpet bombed it with photoshop colors.
Hope you dig.




I've gotten a few more people ragging me for PHOTOSHOP ABUSE (I know I need help). So, here's a half and half deal...
I drew some ladies, I've got them on my brain lately.
I haven't tampered with them in photo slop outside of scanning them and comping them together...
I only noodled in a light source on one because I wanted to but, didn't wanna over do it all. the orange is just to make everything stand out a little better..

Whaddaya think?
Do you dig?

Lemme know.





They anxiety and turmoil of surgery is a whole week behind me.. So, I return to my blog with half a bottle of pain meds, and a solid resolve to bring you more ridiculously awful drawings like this in the future...



I.C.U.C. We All C. My I.V.

Hey everyone,
I'm not posting drawings for a little while recovering from my recent surgery. But, I assure you that I am drawing... I've got the down time.
Also, I don't want to boar anyone with the details or gross people out but, I figured this was interesting. Its the crazy bruise on the inside of my left arm where they feed me my LIQUID HAMMER, and intravenous sleepy time cocktail. Now I'm not afraid of needles, but, I kinda wished he'd put me out before he'd stuck this thing in my arm..
that needle was long..and was in the vein halfway up into my bicep before he stopped feeding it in there. Still, I'm told the procedure was a roaring success and, that I just need to take it easy and recover....

Least I've got the colorful bruises to entertain me....
Better, Faster, Stronger, GOGOPEDRO2.0..