M.O.T.U-DOK: TrapjawDok

Yep, my Masters Of The Universe vibe continues.
So, I added a villain to offset my previous hero sidekick painting of ORKO.   Heck, MODOK is a super terrifying robot/human hybrid type villain right?  So, I might as well paint him that way.
I've chosen TRAPJAW because I completely love his design,

and figured it would work well with some floating hover chair tech.  Plus I had to be sure to ad that little loopy think on his head so that he could zip line into a fight possibly verses Iron Man.



Yep, I got a Masters Of The Universe vibe here so I added some MODOK in an attempt to be all painterly and stuff.
For a Hero, Opted for ORKO.  Ummm, if your looking for an acronym maybe I'll trot out the term ORKODOK: Organism Really Keen On Destruction Obliteration & Killing.  This design lent itself well to MODOK, sure the ears look funny and the hat too come to think of it.  But, the hover chair is completely concealed making the outfit seem more ghostly.




Here's another run at that MODOK with his Cosmic RUBIK'S cube...  and some COLOR now!!

Hope you Dig,

MODOK and the CUBE

MODOK is a master of THE CUBE!
MODOK always covets the cosmic cube. But, during his downtime he does indulge in another cube that he enjoys very much... The RUBIK'S variety.
I had colors on this but have since dabbed them back to work the values a bit more  I may have to swap in new colors before posting it up later.

Hope you dig,



In 2199 MODOK is still top villian.
His organic body decayed over time, and was replaced with alien artifacts and holographic projection by the scientists at A.I.M.  His hover chair was also remade, out of sleek indestructible black metal  with alloys of Adamantium and Vibranium.  So, look to the future and despair for MODOK looks down on us all with holographic eyes of cold light radiating from a cauldron of smoldering darkness.

Hope you dig.



Shortly after I'd started the other Joan Miro Inspired MODOK I was doing, I had a though.  "I'm just drawing the face here," I said to myself as I set about trying to see if I could work more of MODOK'S mighty features into the image.  I mean how do I pass up the chance to graphically screw around with that Hover chair, thingy.

Well, after a bit of investigation I realized that I needed to do another image... My head shot worked too well by itself and I needed to adjust my plan of attack.  So I sketched up a new MODOK threw some finish onto it.  I could keep noodling with the colors, on into forever.  But, I like this right now so I'll post it on up..

Hope you dig,




Take MODOK add a dash of MIRO....
Mix it all together and you get MIRODOK!,

He's evil and graphical.  I'd wanted to do one of these now for a couple of years, it's a departure for me, and I had fun doing it.  Even though I'm not sure I succeeded in capturing the feel of a MIRO in the image.  This here is just a modok head... I've got another one that I hope to finish up by the end of the month.

Hope you dig,


MODOK skywriting.

MORE MODOK!... Just because it keeps me going strong.

Hope you dig,



He sat on the step and though on the coming winter...
I drew this a few months back in a sketchbook and kinda liked the mood of this cat fella.  I'll see about knocking out some more soon.

I hope you dig,


Biscuits and Wood Glue.

Watching people work with they're hands to make something is something I really do enjoy.  I've been known to open a YouTube window to watch someone oil paint, or throw pottery on a wheel, sculpt a bust, and even do calligraphy from time to time.

Growing up I would get that afternoon PBS jolt of artists who'd paint in little half hour segments.  There was Bob Ross of course, and a few others that I can't quite place names for right now.  But the other big thing that I grew to love was watching Norm Abram on the NEW YANKEE workshop.  For those unfamiliar.  The show was a half hour woodworking project, where NORM would take you to a a historic site or an antique shop.  He'd show you some furniture, using a myriad of great descriptive terms, and then you'd watch him build the thing.  His shop was staggering, I remember watching episodes with my father and looking over to see my father just Marveling at the space, when I got older we'd discuss the fact that Norm had an abundance of space and more power tools then any ONE PROJECT could ever need.

Norm also did a lot of Biscuit Joinery.  A process where to panels of wood were precisely planed to fit evenly.  Grooves where cut in the joints of the two panels and it was all fitted with these little wooden bits (Biscuits) and lots of glue... It made for a really nice joints.
I found some episodes on the ol' YOUTUBE.  Norm builds a CHEST on a CHEST! 

Other terms I like from the show:
Router, Stacked Dado Head Cutter, Dovetailing Jig, Morticing Gig, Dutching, Random Orbital Sander, Rip Fence, Sacrificial Strip, and many many more.

Hope you dig..

Remember shop safety... "There is no more important safety rule then to wear these.  Safety Glasses."


Evil Little Bald MODOK

He's an evil little MODOK inside a little circle...  But no image margin will contain him for very long... HE IS MODOK, and HE IS MIGHTY.

Hope  you dig,


Infantry Goblin...

I suppose it could have been a drawing of any kind of goblin but figured he was in the infantry... Standing in formation, getting ready to head into some kind of battle.

Hope you dig,



GO ahead and CLICK to get a closer READ!
MODOK Supports St. Paddy's Day 100%.
But he has some advice for you, when tackling the days festivities,   Just try not to MINDBLAST yourself too badly with the Guinness and Bushmills Black.  A heavy hangover can be almost as mighty as M.O.D.O.K's  fearsome MENTAL ATTACKS!

Hope you dig,



I like Cartoons.
I'm an older guy now so that statement often gets a raised eyebrow these days.  People either asking me when I'm gonna "Grow Up", or if all the work is "done in the computer nowadays?".

I love Old Cartoons.
Man I love old cartoons, simple characters.  Limbs of the finest rubbery hose, and drawings finished in thick black ink.

I plan to watch more Cartoons.
I've hit a bit of a lull lately, and really need to go back and rewatch some stuff.  Possibly lay hand on some new disks too.

I even Draw Cartoons. 
Though truthfully I need to stop typing this post and get back to the actual drawings.

Hope you dig.



Portrait of MONARCH MODOK the First.... and ONLY!
Deep within the hallowed halls of A.I.M. there is an inner sanctum where MODOK keeps many prized items.  Including this masterful portrait of him as a famed MONARCH.  His eyes follow you about the room and most of the beekeepers believe it is haunted to this date...  

Beyond the little back story I've been afraid that I BRICKED this image.  I started with a rough rough sketch and set about completely painting over it and implying as much texture as I could muster with bits and bobs of collage.  I think it's a decent effort but, I still have a lot to learn.

Hope you dig,

P.S.  Skip on over to March MODOK Madness to see the art from 2013!


Desert Nomad

It may not be Dune specific but I kinda think I had that book on the brain when I drew it.  Started out as a lil' marker doodle.  Slapped PHOTO chop colors and a quickie noise texture on it.  So, here it be.

I'll see about getting more stuff out this week, for everyone to look down they're noses at.  Feel free to drop me a comment or critique if you have a moment free or the inclination.  I love feedback.

Hope you dig.


Monday Bear

It's a BEAR!  Happy Monday everybody.

Hope you Dig,


Capture Nature with your Camera.

Here's a drawing I like from one of my most recent sketch pads.  There is a bear, and even a very charming squirrel.



GIgantic Hill Giant

I figure that to get the point across better there probably should have been a person or a house or something in the shot with this to imply scale.  But, when I originally drew it I definitely imagined him as some kinda of lumbering giant.

Sorta wish I'd made his beard white but, I figured it wouldn't help his teeth pop out at all.  Still I like him, perhaps he uses his giant mace to crush other large creatures, or even small ones for that matter.

Hope you dig,



Hey All,

Now with a snazzy MINDBLAST.  Again this is a quick brush pen sketch (with that nice pen I LOST), and some photoshop to round it all out.  Still focusing on my color selections a lot in the hopes that I can get images that re more moody.

I'm happy with how this one came out too.  It works as a one off even though I'm noticing that his outstretched arm could be doing something more in the composition.
But, for now I'll look at that as "food for though in the future".  I've got more images to make still.

Hope you dig,



Yep, this evening will mark the end of the first seven days in this 2013 tribute 

The MMM blog is always a treat for me because I get to see lots of cool tribute art, in the name of MODOK.   Now, I know some people would call it fan art.  But, in spite of the fact that the images are often made by fans of the subject matter.   Something about the way the term "fan art" rolls off the tongue hasn't ever sat well with me.  So, I call it tribute art because artists devote love, time, and talent to things that are drawing, composing, and rendering.

For This particular image  I tried to render a M.O.D.O.K. with more mood lighting and less of my usual slant towards super bright colors.  I kinda like how it came out.  The sketch on the left was done with a brush pen (which I've since LOST), and the following color treatments happened in Photoshop.

I know I've said this before, and I sound like a broken record.
I'd love to celebrate MMM 2013 with anyone who's up for having fun and making an image based on an awesomely weird comic book character.

Hope you dig,



Bear Cave Bear...

This bear, lives in a cave. as many bears tend to do.  His electric bills have been particularly pesky of late so, he's had to find a way to work around some rolling blackouts.  He asks that if you plan to visit him that you bring along a six of beer, soda, some ice, and maybe some bratwurst.

He's also a fan of lawn darts and bocce if you got that laying around.

Hope you dig,

One foot in front of the other.

He'd found a map in the Parlor. The tattered paper told the story of many long dusty years in hiding.
So, I've been through the ringer here a bit of late.  But, Drawing seems to be the thing that keeps me at a most even keel, So I draw.  This little image makes me smile and I kinda needed to smile today.  I drew it in photoshop (where I've been dabbling more lately with whole images from start to finish.  Need to work out more locations in my drawings, think about setting a stage within the image.

This seemed like a good one to share and like I'd stated.  It made me smile.

Hope you dig,



So I referenced a little Carl Sagan quote to kick off my MODOK endeavors of this new year.  I actually have a bunch of images that I'm gonna try to knock out for the festivities as well.

But, I also kind of appreciate that I'll probably have to back burner a few for next year.
As always You can see the magic over at MARCH MODOK MADNESS.

Tell your Friends, Family, that Cute Secretary down on the fifth floor.  It doesn't matter!  There is a little MODOK inside us all and it's WONDERFUL.

Hope you dig.