Crazy Croc

Here's a fun drawing of one of my favorite reptiles... I really liked crocs and alligators when I was a young boy... Probably still some drawings floating around in my parents house.. I even made some early characters that had crocodile heads on people bodies I believe. Kinda like Leatherhead from TMNT, man I haven't though about this stuff in a while..

Well I hope you dig..


Curvy Ginger Lass..

I really do love drawing curvy women... Its just fun... Here's a little rough bit of a drawing with some color on it.. I particularly like her hand here, and the shape of her shoulders in the rest of the drawing..


Creepy Weirdo...

He's a creepy guy, and he's giving you a creepy look. Try not to be creeped out too much...He was born this way..

Hope you dig,



Here's a sketch of some dude....I'm heading off to bed now...goodnight all..


Mauve Maiden

post number one for Saturday... I'll knock something else out shortly..

Hope you dig..


COLOR Morphing three headed OGRES...

He's something form a sketchpad in the past few weeks... I imaged that he was this three faced beast that had morphing skin tones. He is sporting the Primary colors right now..




I got onto a kangaroo Kick a few days ago and rattled out this sketch with my sign pen on some scrap paper...I really like it...feels loose and energetic...

Just figured I'd share, Hope you dig..


A Slow Gent; in a hurry...

He's focused and determined with his gaze... Like I should be...
March is bearing down on me already, Show pieces to Rock OUT, and MODOK's to Draw. Plus whatever comes across the desk at work...

I'm putting my game face on...
Hope you dig..


Belated Efforts...

Last Friday was the birthday of Singer/Songwriter Regina Spektor. Happy Belated Birthday REGINA; if your lurking on the blog. I really dig her music and her voice, and figured she'd be fun to do a caricature of. I found a great photo of her online, I guess her voice allows her to make some impressively large mouth shapes. I didn't manage to pull this image together in time for last Friday. However, I'm putting it together for today's post, with the intention of hammering out a few other projects ... Furthermore I'm attaching some progress of the image so you can see how I hammered it out..

Comments and Feedback are Very welcome..
Hope you dig...



This is a creature... He was born on the back of an envelope on my desktop. He eats kittens.

Hope you dig,

And the snow returned...

I hung about this weekend and am just now making some images...
Since it got colder again and some snow showed up.. I'm posting this guy in his cold weather gear..

Hope you dig.




I got a slow start on the weekend.... Up well after noon, and ate some peanut butter on toast... Plonked down to crank out something short and sweet for the blog. This sketch made me think of this oil painting of my grandfather that hung in the house I grew up in. It was a good painting, and you really felt like his eyes were focused on you when you looked at it; In fact it kinda creeped me out when I was very young.
But, now I'm going to catch a shower and out and visit with friends... Just wanna Relax for a few....

Hope you dig..

Forgot to Post Friday...

I had something special to post yesterday...Sadly, I didn't have it ready in time..
So, I'll double post today, and do some drawings too I think..
Here's some skribble of a Rawk star to keep you going till the early morn'.

Hope you dig...


Alien Space Mechanic...

Well, it's halfway through February....UGH... Where is my Year Going??
I've recently noticed also that the M.O.D.O.K. bug is starting to bite (as kinda evident by the face I put on this floating alien character) and March MODOK Madness is right around the corner...
I'll see what kinda images i can crank out for the MODOK blog in light of some major show works I've got to address in the coming months...
Other then that I'll share this Alien Mechanic...I figured he was the grouchy sort in zero G. and that he carried a pipe wrench with him, for use as a weapon in melee combat...
He keeps the spacecrafts running..

Hope you dig.


Viking of the Cold

Here is a frozen viking god...
Hope You Dig..



Nighty KNIGHTS...

As mentioned in my previous post I did this little animated thing for work last week...it was a hoot, and was good fun for sketching and working in flash (which I hadn't done in some considerable amount of time.
You see, I used to design stuff in flash for an Children's TV show; and the time spent doing early rough concept drawings was perhaps my favorite... I was very happy to explore board design ideas, then tweak them into whatever might be fun to look at..
I drew this original Knight sketch for the background of my animation project, and had him scroll past in the background. He was hardly on screen for a second.

I liked him so much that I turned him into these three little Variation Knight studies. They were lots of fun to doodle out. Furthermore, I'm also keen on Dan Paladin's work from Behemoth Studios so I put a little of my spin on some Castle Crasher's type dudes.. Check um' out.

They're ready to battle (or comments) and I Hope you dig,

Cartoon Style ME..

I was tapped to do something at my day job last week which involved me expressing who I was with a short video clip...No small task. I wound up doing a quick little flash animation for the project, instead of shooting just some video of my boring old face...
It was very simple animation and a very simple Idea...here are some key frames.

Hope you dig...



Deer Valentine...

Happy Hallmark Holiday people's that frequent the blog, and those of you who're newcomers. I'm posting up some tomfoolery from today in the wake of some artistic choices I've been mulling over for some showpieces. I did my Valentine's celebrating over the weekend thankfully, and can kinda kick back tonight and work on some personal stuff... I've submitted this idea for a bitching Mola Ram themed valentines card...and a drawing for another ill fated valentines card...

Hope you dig...and eat lots of the dark chocolates..
Also, on a side note...Much love to my lady Fair..



two ladies...

Here's something for friday....Two quick jots of some lady folks that I drew a while back and tested a simple color palette on...Figured red would be appropriate for the hallmark holiday...Perhaps they're getting together, I dunno...

Happy V-Day all...
Hope you dig...


Today's post...

I've been struggling with some new images that I'm working on.. Mainly just overwhelmed by possibilities but, Hope to have things tied down soon...

Beyond all of that I wish everyone well, and I'll share this post, which I might come back to and work on again later...

Hope you dig.


Friday and BYE...

So, I'm wrapping up a crazy week only do dig into a crazy weekend...Hope I make it in one piece...Here's a bit of something that I've started amid a sea of other projects...

Hope you dig...


Super Hero Girl..

I'm not sure what her power would be, and I don't really mind right now...I scoped out a gallery opening tonight for the fantastic paintwork of Phil Noto. He was a very nice guy to talk to for a few minutes, and his work is really great... I like the very Graphic design based approach he takes to his work. A lot of the images have stunning women in profile or frontal views, and I like how the faces look very structural, and clean. But at the same time feel very womanly and feminine... Probably my favorite aspect of his work though is his colors....Jeez he does some great stuff with color...If you're not familiar with his work I'd suggest you scope out his SITE...

Other then that, I'm posting this drawing now. Hope you dig.


Poorly Disguised...

Today was not super productive on the drawing front. Though I hope I'll spin out some goodies to share for tomorrow. I'm actually kinda excited because I'm set to go see a gallery show tomorrow night, and I'm into Phil Noto's paintwork... I'm not sure what'll happen but I'm preparing myself for the possibility that I'll buy something at the show..
For now though I'll share this sketch of a poorly disguised alien being....who probably lives in your neighborhood...or teaches your kids social studies class..

Hope you dig..


Zoolander's Styling Goo...

I've been sitting on this image for a month or so... The Show was out in L.A. at gallery 1988. I was unable to attend when the show opened at the beginning of January, and didn't find time to get out west to see it at all. Thankfully, two great people named Melinka Thompson-Godoy and Cheryl Elliott saw the show for me. They braved the congested L.A. traffic, saw the show and even sent me some spiffy photos by way of my lovely lady.

The show was called "Is This Thing On?", and served as a tribute to actors, comedians, and all around funny people that make us laugh...
I drew Ben Stiller as my subject, and took two the movies I'd known him best for and cobbled them into this image of Derek Styling a woman's hair using a special "product" (al a "Something about Mary") for a styling gel. I was pretty happy with the finished work. I even went so far as to gob some clear gloss medium onto the work surface to mimic the... Well, you can figure it out.

I was thrilled to be a part of the show and hope they invite me back...I've got some show pieces already brewing for 2011. I'm looking forward to a big year of shows..

Hope you dig..


Portrait of Self

I started a little office project today that required a drawing of myself. All things considered I'd prefer to have funnier caricatures of myself... But I will say that I liked this figure that I'm using for the animation. It's actually a decent current representation of me...
Thinning in the hair, tiny eyes, glasses, lots of gray hair, some sideburns, with a beard and mustache minus the little spot right under my nose (because I don't grow any hair on that part of my face)..
I exaggerated the beard a bit, but I'm sure it will grow into that shape again in the next couple of months..
I'd sure like to get back into some caricatures..See if I can't get better at observing people and doing wild things with there facial attributes.... But, for now...this is me..

Hope you dig, and if the mood strikes you, draw a silly sketch of yourself for kicks on this fine Monday afternoon.


Stinky SEEGAR...

I've had a touch and go weekend here, but I'll keep on posting up the art.. Because I've just gotta keep making things..

Hope you dig..


Long Damn Day...

Some people in my building had a party of some kind today... At first I believed it was a party on the floor above with very loud music. However, as the day wore on there were lots of voices and other BS and the music increased in volume.... I did go upstairs to ask for a little quiet on my lazy home bound Saturday, and was treated to a very limited reduction of the volume... People running up and down the stairwell all damn day, I'm not very happy. It stopped for a while around 7pm when I had dinner, and I enjoyed two hours of relative calm before they fired up the music maker at around 9:3o...
I think the party is finally over now...just before midnight... I live in a building full of people and I just am baffled by how inconsiderate some people are...

I was upstairs twice today to ask them to turn down the music, and its testing my fragile patience...

I'm gonna get some adult beverages now...
Here's a sketch....Hope you dig..



Heads Down.

just a quick sketch with a ballpoint... on some stray pages I keep in a clipboard for random drawings...looking to do some serious drawing this weekend...I hope..

For now though...there is this...
Hope you dig..




I'd not posted anything today.... That's just criminal, My art is in need of improvement, so I'm gonna push out a drawing... In fact, I even dared to open Illustrator (a program which I'm Horrible with) and pushed out this little bit o' fluff... Drawn in illustrator with a few brushes, then ported to Photoshop to color a bit, color correct, and texture while at the same time patch up a few things in the drawing..

Lemme know what you think...I hope you dig...


Fit to Print

I was out a few weeks back to do a Sketch crawl with some friends.
I had a hard time deciding if I should focus on doing studies of the artwork, or the people at the museum. We drew for a few hours, had a relatively expensive outing in the museum cafe, and here are some of the images that my time yielded.

I hope you dig...Just let me know what you think.


Loose Leaf

I've had a few sheets of paper floating around my desktop at home (draw on them when I don't wanna focus on the screen), However ince I don't have a scanner there I hauled it into the office. All so I could snag a few images to share with you on the first o' FEB..
My recent kick of drawing heads and faces seems to be ongoing...Lots to play with in a very contained area of the body...

I hope you dig, and if you have a minute or two lemme know what you think of the work.