Van Gogh...

This is from a few weeks back... I started the paint and set it aside thinking that I might dig back into it... I opened it briefly today, and figured that I was actually happy with it as a study.. I'll wrap it up for now and share it with you guys here at the blog...

Hope you all dig him.


Scribbles... and stuff.

Here are some scribblets for tuesday. Fun little images, on a paper bag. Believe I drew them last week while my mind was wandering...

Hope you dig,


Bears and Wood grain!

Happy Monday everyone..I'm working here, in my queens apt. The storm this weekend was pretty heavy but, I came through it alright. Now I'm just digging in to get my personal projects all wrapped up.

Here's a bear for Monday night...
Hope you dig.



Twisting in the wind....

I'm posting this in advance.... I can't confirm that the power will even be up tomorrow. So, I'm posting this... There is probably some heavy weather over my little fortress here in Queens, right now... But, be assured I'm holding down the fort here and taking it easy.

Best wishes to all of my friends out there and best of luck to all my friends in the NY area..



Mayor McCheese on my Mind...

Just a light little sketch here.
Nothing much else going on at the moment, looking out the window into my apartment buildings courtyard and regarding the eerie silence and relative stillness of the air. Feel pretty fortunate to have a roof over my head and thick walls to ride out the storm... Also, feeling pretty bad about the storms timing because its messing with some things I'm working on. But, the weather is out of my hands... Just have to deal with it.

Very quiet here right now.
I imagine I'll be shutting down my computer here soon and unplugging my equipment for a while. Do some reading or sketching in the meantime.
Be safe everybody.

For now though I bring you a weird guy with a hamburger bun for a head..
Hope you dig...



Here's a noodled skull from some days back. I'm trying to get some artwork into the mail right now but, with the current weather outlook here in NYC... I'm not too clear, on what will happen with the weather, or if I'll even have power to work on my art or make posts. Much like the weather right now...It's all up in the air. The skull is just a study though... Look forward to sharing more art with you good people soon.

Hope you dig.

Whacky Bird..

I'm freaking out lately... I get myself pretty worked up over stuff that I can't always control... It's something I'm working on, but still I run into these times now and again. They are challenging to deal with. But, I console myself with the idea that "the hottest fires, forge the strongest steel."

Well, I'm gonna put my head down now and make this stuff happen...
Wish me luck as I strap on my ass kicking boots..

Enjoy the weird little birdie sketch (which calmed me down for a few minutes today).
Hope you dig..



Bag bottom

Sometimes I even use the bottoms of the bags I've dismembered.
This little dude is one example of one such a drawing.

Hope you dig.



I'm working to wrap up a few show images right now, and figured I'd share this odd Pac- Man drawing I had handy. I really like drawing loosely by hand and often run into problems when I'm trying to marry it with digital paint... Here's hopping that my final image goes over well. I'll post the finished work around the time that the show goes up.

Hope you dig.



Man, I'm tired... So much on my plate right now, running short on time, and I didn't sleep much over the past weekend... Here's something upbeat for the Monday, But believe me when I tell you that I'm pretty burned out right now. Will need some sleep tonight.

As always I hope you dig,



"What wonders this day brings,
I rise from out my bed nightly bed.
To make art and do some things,
lest I might loose my head.

I figured I'd write some crap poetry here because, um....I don't have a reason...
Just this little drawing of a poet guy who might recite some verse for you... Perhaps even the Bard if you twist his arm.

Hope you dig.



Even though Spacedude is broken up about recent end to the space shuttle missions. He, has steadfastly vowed to explore the stars and far off reaches of the universe under his own steam. Because, "SPACE IS THE PLACE!"

Enjoy your Saturday night my fellow Space cowboys an' cowgirls.
Hope you dig.




It's raining here in NY... I slept in a bit this morning, and sketched on and off during the day... Still have a case of Pac Man Fever. Here are some digital snippets of stuff that I'm composing with today... probably won't look like this in the finish... But, I'll keep working it until I'm happy with the thing.




So, I had this opportunity to take tomorrow off of work and I seized it. I just got in from a short figure drawing outing (good model tonight), and some light dinner with friends. I'll be working on some images for most of the day tomorrow but, imagine I'll be throwing in a post somewhere so that I keep my pace...
Hope you dig this guy. I know I've drawn lots of heads this year, but its comfortable at the moment, and heads and faces offer enough compact details and information to make each one uniquely interesting. LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES... Just gotta keep scribbling and learning.




Had some PAC MAN on the brain lately... I'll have more info for you guys about this in the coming weeks but for now here's a thumbnail with some color.

Hope you dig.


Yesterdays Brown Bag...

I'm taking a few minutes to clear my head between tasks to post up my brown bag from yesterday mornings breakfast bagel. Today I happened to have a Croissant from the metal cart out in front of my office building and it greased the bag so badly that I couldn't really salvage it. This happens sometimes, I try to save the bags when I can, but sometimes they're a little far gone. plus the pen marks do weird stuff on paper that might have an oily residue on it. I'm looking forward to a bagel though tomorrow morning and possibly some fun warm up sketches... From yesterdays bag I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Drawing the dice at the bottom had me thinking of some D&D. Also Liked drawing televisions, in general I just try to have fun with this stuff.

Hope you dig.


Guy with a Golden Head..

I figure he's some kind of rich dude, and had enough money to get a dope gold type statue of his head... I vaguely recall working from a photo, but I'm pretty sure I don't remember what it was. Either way it was a fun little drawing and I figured I'd share it with you hear on Monday.
Lots of work to do this evening... Really chomping at the bit to get stuff done.

Hope you dig.


Straw Straw Straw.

Happy rainy Sunday here from the Five Boroughs. I'm sitting here at my computer with some rough color studies, and two deadlines incoming... Man, I need to step away for a few minutes... I stopped and painted out this little sketch of a guy, who wears a straw hat and works in a wheat field... Nothing awesome but, certainly something to keep the blog rolling along... Stay tuned for more in the near future.



Boned Headed..

I'm a little late with publishing this... Here's a rough images I'm working on... Right now I'm nailing down the composition ideas and color now. Not finding anything I'm wild about yet. I'll work at it some more. Let me know what you think, if you got a minute...

Hope you dig..



Just wrapping up and heading home... Here's my morning bagel bag made into some fun stuff... Pen, Pencil, and some Digital paint... KNIVES and ICE CREAM, are the best way to start the Weekend.

Hope you Dig,


Thursday Scribbles...

This morning I had a breakfast wrap from a local deli.. Nice crispy bacon on it. I wanted something a little larger for my morning meal because I'd been out late last night to see Captain America, and have some drinks. I really enjoyed the film.

However, getting back to the paper bag that contained my Breakfast. It was larger then what I've been customed to din recent days. SO, I opted to cut it in half and made today's scribbles.
All and all I wasn't happy with how the crackers came out. Also, I was kind of amazed by how tricky it can be to draw cheeses when your neglecting color... unless your drawing swiss or whole wheels of the stuff..

Hope you dig.


Another artist caricature attempt...

No time for expanding my caricature skill sets of late...But, I do like to try... I've got a few projects I'm cranking out concepts for, so that I can knock them out within the next few weeks. For now I'll share this snippet of a paint I'd began over a pencil sketch I had on hand...Think I began this a few weeks back and only now opened the file again to model the values a bit more...

Hope you dig... let me know what you think.


This morning was a bagel with some veggie cream cheese, and then the pocket knife was hauled out and the Paper bag was dismembered... I had some problems finding a pen that had enough OOMPH to get me through this page. So I jumped around a bit, and the lines look funny. On another fun note you'll notice where I spilled coffee on the work surface and removed an area of the page... Just had to be done... think I'd started drawing a Goat there before the wash of java hit the page...

Well, here's something for wednesday...I've gotta get back to the task of planning out some images...




Today my morning Bagel was placed on an ordinary Brown paper bag. The bagel was consumed, the bag was dismembered. Then I choked down some coffee and made some scribbles... I've got, some cartoon dudes, porkers, hooters, anglers, leaves, and some random heads at the top of the stack..
Had fun fiddling them out.

Hope you dig.



YUP... I love the updo on ladies... Probably stems from my families ultra Nouveau style wall paper, which still hangs in the first floor W.C. of my childhood home. They were all stylized French dance hall images and there was some certainly some Mucha thrown in there too. Believe ME.. If I had a place of my own...I would find a way to get this wallpaper... It was visually spectacular with a unique color palette and some hints of an Iridescent gold quality to some of the print surface... AMAZING STUFF..

Needless to say the ladies sported CHIGNONS... It's even a word that I think sounds beautiful, in spite of the horrific robot voice for pronunciation. I usually just think Sheen-yon, which makes the actual french spelling even weirder...

Well, I hope you enjoy this little snippet of an image...I'll try to post fewer portrait style drawings in the future...NEED TO DIVERSIFY OR DIE!..

Hope you dig.


Hey all, It's Monday here. Will try not to gripe about it too much, and get right onto the image-making! My morning BAGEL BAG was dismembered and transformed into a canvas for some scribbled faces.

Slap some pencil in here and there and exercise completed... Lots of bald heads here, perhaps I'm tired right now, or I still have Walter White on the brain from last nights Breaking Bad. Then again...Perhaps I was a little lazy this morning...

Will have to crack the whip from here on in.
Hope you dig.



Melon_Headed Lad...

Nothing fancy today. It's been a quiet weekend here with me feeling a bit under the weather... and pretty tired all around...

Hope you dig,



He loves Twinkies...AND, he'll be display at the MONSTER CREEPS show at Dark Delicacies Gallery, in BURBANK Ca. TONIGHT ONLY..

If you get a chance to see the show let me know how it is.
Hope yah dig.


Creature BUILDUP!..

Here's some of the sketch work that lead up to my showpiece for the MONSTER CREEPS Show in Burbank later tonight..

My thumbnails where sparse and spread out over a few pages... So, when I found an image I was gonna work with, I hauled into some larger scale sketches with some overlays when I decided. to reposition his head..

Hope you dig...The finished image will post up in just a few hours here.


Gent with an oddly shaped Noggin...

I figured since I had this drawing of a guy with a wacky noggin shape, I might as well throw some colors at it and Pop it up on the ol' blog....

Have a great weekend everybody.

Early Creature drawings..

Here, are some super early pencil scribbles from my MONSTER CREEPS image, which will be on display tomorrow. I was originally going to have an image of the creature being shot, which is sad because I felt it was probably the best Monster Squad character, and he got very little screen time...and a sort of mediocre death... However, I combined some of these elements into what would become my final image...

Hope you dig.



I figured it would be a good last name for this school bully kinda character...
Mostly playing around with this one.. Lots of other stuff coming up soon. In fact I'll have some artwork in a show out in Burbank California this weekend at this here gallery.

If your in the area check it out...Otherwise take it easy and I'll post up my show work here at the blog in a day or so.

hope you dig.



Had a bit of Muppet type stuff on the brain today. Couple that with my love for drawing simple cartoony stuff and you get the images posted above... Give it a click, tell me if you have a favorite!

Hope you dig..


Itty Bitty WARRIOR with BEARD...

yeah...drawing little cartoon type characters is endlessly entertaining for me...
So here's a warrior sketch with a tower shield and spear... not to mention an awesome beard and some crazy lips...



Took a ride on the subway last week during lunch, because I had an appointment of some sort. While on the train, I watched this dude silently conducting with his hands while listening to headphones... In the end I'm not sure what he was listening to... and furthermore none of these look like him. But he did inspire me to draw them...

Hope you dig.



a Pirate sketch to kick off MONDAY, and the month of August..

Hope you dig..