Once again it is the 8th of April... So, here is my quick little Bird drawing to keep my pen moving..

Hope you DIG!


He is MODOK.

...and In spite of March ending.  He was, is, and ALWAYS WILL BE MIGHTY.

It's been many moons since that evening way back in 2008.  Having drinks at Jimmy's Corner here in NY with my friend Brendan.  When we figured that making a MODOK blog for the month of March would be a stellar idea.  So we finished our drinks and proceeded to order another few rounds.

It wasn't until that following day that we both sobered up and again we agreed that it was still a great idea.  So, we hopped onto blogger and nabbed the site for MMM and got to work.  It took off without too much difficulty at all.  People are cool like that, and MODOK fans are phenomenal with their love and devotion to this Unique Kirby creation. 
Many thanks to everyone who shares this blog, and takes time to commit they're craft with the appreciation of MODOK!  This blog is great because of all of you.
It's become an annual treat for me, a fun way to spend my March. You know, right before the tax man descends on my good humor, and it keeps me completely in the dark about what the hell is happening with college hoops.  But equally important is that this event keeps me in touch with my friend Brendan.
He's a most excellent friend, it's my pleasure to know him.  Without him I'd know far less about MODOK and comics in general.  Thanks Brendan.
For All of this I am grateful, and I hope everyone has enjoyed the MMM2013 festivities.

Till next time & Hope you dig,