This should be the last marvel image for Mayvel...I've gotta get back to work on some other stuff here... Deadlines to the left and right. Plasma's early outfit was pretty cool looking. So I figured what the heck... For more info on this Irish Egyptologist turned Marvel Villain Click Here.

Hope you all dig...


Into the Sewers...

Another bit of sketching from the upcoming show... My indecision seemed to know no bounds on this projects....lots of drawings set aside, and some others just straight up discarded... Here's one of them. Michelangelo on some spotted blue Background..

Hope you Dig,


Dark Crystal styled ROCKSTEADY!!

So..I'm working through the tough spots right now... I've been challenging myself with new projects in an overall attempt to push my Illustration skills while at the same time searching for my personal style, an method of making images...

Thankfully I've had the good fortune of falling into a membership with the Autumn Society of Philadelphia. The group is full of talented members that have been quite inspirational. The almost unending schedule of upcoming gallery shows has offered me with limitless opportunities to try new things, and explore a wide variety of content.
Moreover, I've gotten to make friends and network with some of the society members, which has parlayed into some exciting new chances to share my work while enjoying the work of other talented folks...

Currently, I'm ramped up for a Ninja Turtles themed show with the ASOP. I'll even make it out to Philly for the opening later this week. I must admit its pretty staggering to see the caliber of work that's being turned out for this show.. I only hope that my images are going to impress the other artists as much as they're work has impressed me.

For now though here is a discarded drawing from my mighty heap of TMNT themed artwork for this show... A little bit of ROCKSTEADY with some Skeksis type anatomy thrown in, Terrifying stuff. I spent a lot of time sketching prior to this show and its left me with some fun sketches that I'm not using for final work...but I wanted to bring them to you all so that you might scope them out... Also, Check out the ASOP to see some of the other great work that will be on display this JUNE 3!.

Hope you dig...


Formal attire..

I'm dressing up in my taupe monstrosity of a suit...throwing a belt onto my wacky pleated slacks...and looking for my tie...

Yep...going to a formal event... Will try to snap a photo of my get up so that you can all see that I clean up rather well wen the need calls for it...
Long day ahead, Wish me luck..

P.S. the sketch is just something random I had on hand... I actually look a lot sillier then this in person...


Bare Bones

Here's another member of high society enjoying a glass of scotch.. I figured the outfit might be kinda like yacht club attire and gave him a bright red nose. Hhe's probably been at the bottle since a few hours before the charity dinner began and there is a strong possibility that he'll pick a fight with the valet later...

Hope you dig...


She's just a girl...

Yeah....just a drawing of some girl to keep the blog moving forward...
I've really been enjoying my Pentel sign pens lately. On top of that I've been adding in bits of colored pencil and it hss really led to some enjoyable drawing time. I hope to be out from under some of my other projects soon so that i can get back to doing new personal work for the site here..

Hope you dig.


Bare bones

Here is a lovable drunken aristocrat...He's even toting a flask of hooch while out on the town... I sketched him out with a black pentel sign pen and one of those 50/50 blue and red pencils which I like so much... I'll be posting up some more drawings like this in the coming week or two, and they'll have little to no digital modification...it'll be the drawing...pretty much as it was scanned...from my sketchpad to your eyeballs...

Drop me a comment if you have a spare minute and let me know what you think of the stuff...
Hope you dig...



Silly Hairdo!

I don't know what it is lately but I've been seeing a record number of silly hairdos. Not that its uncommon to see an odd do' out on the street, its bound to happen ever once in a while... But more then that I've noted that I'm seeing some definite trends towards silly hairdos. I guess stuff like this only irks me because my hair is falling out, and I was particularly proud of my hair when I was younger. I personally don't think the Mohawk works for EVERYBODY, rather I think certain styles fit people better then others..
I guess I just think some of this stuff looks silly because in a few more years I won't even get to make a call on what the barber does to the hair on my head.. I'll just have to spend time on the beard after that...
Perhaps i'll try to capture some of them in drawings for future reference but, right now I'll share this drawing of a guy with a weird graphic hairstyle...

Lather, Rinse, Repeat...


Red Ghost Redux...

I had another red ghost sketch laying about here.... and figured you might like to see it... There are some really great drawings of his face floating around on the web and I sure do enjoy looking at Jack Kirby face drawings... Particularly when he draws guys and brute/thug types... Lots of fun inking and dark shapes...Good stuff to be sure...

Check it out, hope you dig.

Quest for Fire....

I'm plugging away here...I've weeded though a small stack of drawings, notes, and ideas and am closing in on what will be my finalized TMNT showpiece. Narrowing things down can be very hard sometimes... I struggle with the fact that one idea will become finished art, while others just get deposited in the round file here at my office... However, with the blog I have the benefit of being able to share stuff with you that probably wouldn't see the light of day otherwise...
So, expect some of my discard images and sketches here in the coming weeks leading up to the show while I wrap up my artwork for the main even on June 3.
Here's a simple Turtle Head. Raphael, perhaps...

Hope you dig...



It's Sunday morning, and after yesterdays madness I submit this rendering of a BEAVER... I though he was very charming and figured that he might cheer your day along... Have a relaxed day everyone, wishing you all the best.

Hope you dig.



The Red Ghost and the Super Apes!
When Brendan mentioned drawing the Red Ghost, I'll admit I didn't remember the character. But, then after looking at some reference it sparked some memories.
The concept being, a russian scientist deliberately subjected himself, and three primates to the same cosmic radiation that spawned the Fantastic Four. It really is a pretty cool Villain in my opinion.. If you get a chance to look it up its pretty awesome to read.
To see Brendan's version pop on over to his Blog HERE!



I haven't got a Hunch...

Sometimes you get that clueless feeling... When you've clearly got lots to get done but your looking for somewhere to start. Looking forward to the weekend...gotta arrange some travel, do some chores, and make some art. Best wishes you all doing well out there reading the Blog.

Hope you dig...


Floral arrangement..

The drawing was pretty loose, and the paints I put with it are also kinda loose...I was futzing around with some brush settings and blending functions on this one and figured I'd share it with you all. Perhaps I'll come back to it at some point and polish it more but for now here she is. Hope you dig her.

Also, I've noticed that I've started picking up some new followers to the Blog here...I warmly welcome all the new fans, and thank those of you that have been following along with my progress for a while now. It is a great honor to have your attention and support.

Thank you.



The other 3B

This isn't really related to the 3B show that I participated in earlier this month...
However, I was out drinking beer, eating a burger, and figured that if I drew a bear that it would be an awesome hat trick. All things that are indeed fun to draw...especially when you give the bear a snappy red cardigan.

Hope you dig..


THUNDRA Thrashes the THING...

Brendan and I continue to march onward through Marvel characters in the month of May...
This time we have Thundra.. I was kinda eager to get into this particular character, because she often shows up in comics to thrash the Hulk or Ben Grim. Which obviously makes her a pretty badass warrior. Hell, She also she fights with a mace and a length of chain and sports a pretty stylized outfit...What's not to like?
Though, while I was trying to draw her I got to thinking about I how I'd draw a strongwoman type character and, its underlying challenge.
I think most female body builders from an aesthetic/artistic standpoint offer up some really interesting observation points and spark some downright challenging drawings. Personally I didn't want to draw Thundra like a supermodel, she's more of an AMAZON in my eye. While hunting for reference I saw lots of images where she was quite graceful. The Strong curves paired with accents of chiseled features, makes for really great drawings in my opinion. I'm happy with the color and composition on this image. But, I think I'll revisit this character sometime in the future.
Also, For more Butt-Kicking Thundra Art...Check out my friend Brendan's submission HERE.

Hope you dig.



I kinda figured Krang would be super angry if I drew his little his little mobility tripod like a hibachi... He looks plenty miffed to me... I'm still sketching and brainstorming a bit for the actual piece right now. I've got a few solid image Ideas, but, am waiting a day or so to see if anything else creative pops into my noggin. Sometimes choosing content for a showpiece can be challenging.. Lots of ideas, and very little time don't always mix.. Stay tuned...more to come...

Hope you dig,

Red Siren..

Sometimes things get lost...and you don't think they'll turn up again.
Then after you've accepted the fact that the thing you've lost is gone, and never to be found again.

My USB thumb drive has been FOUND!
I'm gonna Celebrate with a beer, and march off to bed here shortly.. Got a busy week ahead. But, before I go here's and Ruiz styled girly drawing. I've not seen Alberto in some time, but his work really is inspiring stuff.
Hope you dig.


Saturday Afternoon POST!

I don't really feel like I've been hitting any kind of stride in my last few posts...though I've tried to remain true to regularly posting up new stuff...Lots of distractions.

Yesterday was spent shopping for a suit...I've not done this in some time.
I don't really do a lot of shopping, because its always kind of a minefield for me. First off, Its a taupe colored suit...(which is really a bit to light a color for my liking) but, I imagine it will work just for the event that I'll be attending. Furthermore it has pleated pants..(Not wild about those either) but, the very helpful store clerk assured me that pleats looked better on "Big people"..
UM, huh? I look down and my midsection and in the back of my mind i here a little voice say "oh yeah...that..sigh". I guess I'll have to do some serious work to get myself back in shape both as far as my physique and my drawing habits go..

In the end I just picked up the suit. Rather then continuing a long drawn out search for dressy attire. Its kinda funny how I find that even the little decisions quickly become all consuming points of debate and stress for me. My life could sure use a few more of these quick choices so that I might deal with some of the big important stuff...

For now though, its Sunday afternoon...I'm chilling with a beer and getting into some drawings and a blog post... Thundra is coming up for MAYVEL and I'm trying to nail down my image for a new show... Gotta flex my brain, muscles.

Have a solid day everyone...
Hope you Dig,


Wax Ghoul...

Here's a Rando sketch from one of my many stray clipboard packs.. I liked it and imagine that he is some kinda of creature that can melt and reform kinda like wax... tried some eerie lighting and color on him for effect...

Hope you dig..



Hey all, this addition of MAY-VEL showcases Luke Cage. I had to do some research on this one because I had limited knowledge of this character. The older costume is by far more interesting, then the new one... I mean...a belt made out of CHAIN has a serious bad-ass quotient.
I don't think I did the character justice, but the image is kinda fun. But for even more fun Pop over to by friend Brendan's site and see his Ass Kicking LUKE CAGE!
Next up, the Mighty THUNDRA!

Hope you Dig,



I happened over to the SOCIETY of ILLUSTRATORS here in Manhattan last evening with a few friends to listen to a discussion titled "Drawing the Line". It was a fantastic panel discussion with Joe Quesada, Walt Simonson, and Jim Steranko. The conversation was inspirational quite entertaining, I even felt compelled to sketch throughout the discussion. Steranko's hairdo was particularly interesting, and even though I wasn't sitting very close to the stage...I fiddled out this little drawing of him..

Hope you dig...

Well dressed Corpse

When this fella croaked, he got dressed up in a pretty cool suit and had his hair styled out. Now in the afterlife... He's dressed to impress when he goes out to search for Brains...

Hope you dig,



I had this other Rhino Drawing from yesterday...I fancied it and figured that you might like to have a look at it too here on the blog... SO here it is... I really need to incorporate more storytelling into these images, it is so much more satisfying then doing the spot art figure drawings. But, those can be fun too.

Hope you dig...LUKE CAGE is coming up next...



Well. Brendan Tobin, and I are pushing forward with MAY-VEL challenge! We're taking turns picking marvel characters and then doing drawings that look at those characters through our varied Points of view. This time we, looked into the villainous RHINO..

I must have done about a dozen fiddly little drawings of his face and head alone. For the most I drew him as a heavy brutish kinda Tank. But, something about drawing his face lent lots of opportunity to muck about with fun design. During the research, I saw lots of renditions of Rhino, and I compiled some of what I liked best into these images. ALSO, Please be sure to check out Brendan's Version of the Rhino, HERE.
I think next up is Luke Cage (I'm gonna have to double check for sure) and the drawings should continue to be fun, SO CHECK BACK SOON.. Comments and feedback always welcome.

Oh, and I might have one more of these to post up later today.
But, for now just let me know what you think of the work.

Hope you all dig...


ZZarlack, Alien from Beyond

Just a Crazy alien head for today. and playing with some photoshop brush tech.
Thanks for checking in everyone and for leaving comments..I appreciate it.

Hope you dig.


Misplaced posts and other things...

I'm sure we've all had instances where something of ours is lost..
It may be an object of great personal importance, or something of little relatively little value. However, what I'm thinking in the wake of yesterday's events is the fact that NOTHING is worse then the fact that "YOU don't KNOW where that thing (whatever it may be) has GONE".
It's a pretty overwhelming feeling. Yesterday morning's sheer panic at realizing the object I was looking for was "not where I'd left it" was followed by subsequent disappointment as I retraced my past few days and found, NOTHING. Nada, Zilch, Zip, Diddly Squat...Its gone. I suppose that is the outcome I should prepare myself for, rand simply move on. Even though there is a chance it will turn up in the coming days, right now I'm preparing for the worst....
Jeeze I don't like to loose my things...Its very frustrating...from a favorite pen, to a sketchbook, a personal keepsake, that twenty dollar bill in your pocket, a piece of artwork, or a flashdrive with some of your work on it. Loosing things can be a nerve bending, experience...
In closing, I'm not what you'd call an optimistic guy. This much is true. But I'll end this post by saying that MAYBE my lost item will turn up when I least expect it. And I'll sit there, breath a sigh of relief and curse myself anew for absentmindedly leaving my things about in strange places...

I think my weird cartoony Burt drawing agrees.


Four Green Dudes in Masks...

Getting Warhol vibes lately, and "Yeah" I recycled a drawing. But, it seemed like innocent fun at the time, and I was liking the results... Regardless, I'm sure to be doing more drawings this weekend...so check back in soon.!..

Hope you all dig, and have a good weekend.


Gallery 1988 and the 3B Show.

Well. Here they are, my 3B show Submissions.
I didn't get to go to the show last night. But, from what I've already seen the work is TIP TOP. Thanks again to the Autumn Society and Gallery 1988 for letting me get involved.

Thanks to the very talented Chris Vitola for lending his camera expertise and time to snap these quick picks of the artwork before I mailed them to the gallery.
Below are some scans I did of the work surfaces. So you can get a better look. I think the images actually look a bit better in person due to the use of some special mixed media, and the collage aspect of the backgrounds. But, all in all the images have been a learning experience for sure..

The Future Dudes: and The Forging of The BOOTH.

“Quietly Waiting for JUNO, His Caseworker...”

1:15 AM, Twin Pines Mall.

THE 3B SHOW will pay tribute to three 80's films starting with the letter B: BACK TO THE FUTURE, BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, and BEETLEJUICE.
The show will be on display from, May 5th to the beginning of JUNE at Gallery1988 Venice. So if your on the west coast stop on by and see them in person.

Gallery 1988 Venice:
214 Pier Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Hope you dig.



So, the Thor feature opens up today (and I'm looking forward to seeing it eventually), and with that in mind I think I'll kick off a month of some fun drawings based on Marvel comics characters... A few years back I did some Marvel drawings May and they all seemed to go over really well, shortly thereafter I wanted to do a drawing challenge during the MONTH of May and call it MAYVEL. So, this year I'm gonna find the time to do the drawings and share them throughout the month of MAY. Even better yet I'm gonna be drawing with my good friend BRENDAN TOBIN. Who is a font of comic book knowledge as well as being my partner for March Modok Madness.

NOTE: It is well worth your time to go check out Brendan's work. He's done a whole THOR WEEK tribute full of Asgards FINEST..INCLUDING THOR!.

Brendan and I will be taking turns at picking marvel characters throughout the rest of MAY and submitting our interpretations of them to our respective blogs... Please check back in and let us know what you think of the work... Perhaps I'll also post up the uncolored sketches later so that you can have a look at them too.

Take it easy everybody, Hope yah dig.

Fifth-0 De May-0 ...

I found a few free minutes to wrap up this quick paint from late last year- Early this year... So, I'll post it up with my stab at 400 posts in the year 2011.
Also, while I'm doing this I'll take a minute to wish everyone a Happy Cinco de Mayo!.. I'm not sure If I'll have time for a beer tonight, but I'll try.
Also, I wanna wish all my art friends out there a very HAPPY CARTOONIST DAY!

Furthermore, My artwork is debuting tonight at Gallery 1988 in Venice California. I hope my work is well received..Should be posting up the scans of the artwork tomorrow for all to see..

Hope you dig...


More crazy Colors...

I'm still pretty slogged down at work right now. The current project I'm working on has lead to some very short time lines and some long nights... In all honesty the experience has me pondering my past relationship with the act of sleeping...

For many years I've kinda disliked the idea of sleeping, and wished that I could use the time for other things. However, when I do sleep I'm typically down for long periods of time in which I sleep very deeply. I personally wish I was one of those Super sleepers I've read about, who can be well rested on like four hours a night...
But sadly, this is not the case... After a few nights of limited rest I find myself really thinking about sleeping right now...I wanna get that rest so that I can get cracking on some of the new art projects that are coming down the line...

Please leave me a comment if you have time....I'd appreciate it...
and as always I hope you dig the work..



Tuesday Chess Club Beauty

Here's a fun little scribble off of a recent pack of sketches. Lately I've just been sketching on blank copy paper loaded onto a clipboard. Something about not having a sketchbook is I kind of relaxing and it keeps my sketches looser.. I do miss not having the book to carry around and keep everything contained. I might get a new sketch book soon, but either way I'll keep cranking out the posts on a regular basis.

Hope you dig.


Monday DoggityDoo

Lots of stuff going on here, working on a new show and trying to get through some other things I want to devote time to... Need more hours in my day.

Also, I wanted to post a heads up. I've got some pieces in a show OPENING later this
THE 3B SHOW will pay tribute to three 80's films starting with the letter B: BACK TO THE FUTURE, BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, and BEETLEJUICE.

The show opens this Thursday, May 5th from 7-10pm at Gallery1988 Venice.
Gallery 1988 Venice:
214 Pier Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405

If your lucky enough to be on the west coast I invite you to go check it out and snap some photos...I'll post up images of the work later this week.

Hope you dig.


Pink Tweeting Bird...

Something for Sunday. I'm working out some posts for the next couple days right now. Wish me luck over the next few days...I'll need it...

Hope you Dig,