Fifth-0 De May-0 ...

I found a few free minutes to wrap up this quick paint from late last year- Early this year... So, I'll post it up with my stab at 400 posts in the year 2011.
Also, while I'm doing this I'll take a minute to wish everyone a Happy Cinco de Mayo!.. I'm not sure If I'll have time for a beer tonight, but I'll try.
Also, I wanna wish all my art friends out there a very HAPPY CARTOONIST DAY!

Furthermore, My artwork is debuting tonight at Gallery 1988 in Venice California. I hope my work is well received..Should be posting up the scans of the artwork tomorrow for all to see..

Hope you dig...

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Ruben Esq said...

I didn't make it in time for the actual cinco, but hope you enjoyed the day and had a great gallery debut! CARTOONIST'S DAY? Why am I always the last one to hear about these things?