Value Studies

Hey all!

I'm still sorting and sifting through some older work here and aiming to post it up here now and then.
These three pages of value studies were done late last year during downtime. I worked from photo reference and tried to improve my observation and brushwork. These are in photoshop, on a toned background for the sake of pushing myself away from working with solid white values.

Look forward to seeing yah within the next week,



  It seems I didn't share any of my recent March MODOK Madness blog stuff over here. So, here's a little dash. Found myself doing all the rendering in black and pulling out white with a liquid paper pen. Really fun stuff, to play with and something I'm hoping to dig into moving forward.
  Adding some Photoshop halftones and color also served to make these a little more exciting. So, hop on over to www.marchmodokmadness.blogspot.com to scope out the rest of my submissions from the last month. Furthermore be sure to check out all the other amazing contributions from our 2018 MODOK celebration.

Keep on Mindblasting!



Hey all.

Sometimes you just need a good push to take a step in the right direction. Granted I didn't supply the push in this case, but I am taking the step. It turns out you can still be making stuff on a regular basis, but not really share it with anyone. So, I'll try to fix that here will see if I can't get this going on a weekly basis, and share some of my art from the past few years and moving forward.

Hope you dig,