INKS to the very LAST! (With Extra Innings!)

INK-TOBER #031 "Elliot was a Cowpoke who was ready to explore the early frontiers of correspondence dating."
INK-TOBER #032 "Shelby was ready for the six a.m. news every day."
INK-TOBER #033 "Why isn't there a magazine for Klingons...I need more notes on Bat'leth maintenance."
INK-TOBER #034 "Gerald the goose has a horrible potty mouth."
INK-TOBER #035 "Forrest bears dislike two-ply Toilet tissue."
INK-TOBER #036 "Fredrik Frijole: the first great vegetarian gunfighter of the ol' west, never carried a pistol."
INK-TOBER #037 "Clovis was a creature of few words. But, Trick or Treating came naturally to him."
INK-TOBER #038 "Vinny the Vulture arrived too late for the early bird special."
Happy Hallows eve friend-o's,

I am chocking this post full of my Inky offerings and promising that I'll continue to post more often in the future.  All things said I'm pretty happy with what I've done this month.  Even have extra drawings that I didn't post.

Thanks for sticking with my art this October.

Hope you (continue to) Dig,
I even colored Clovis a little.  Happy Halloween 2015 to all.


One Last Wednesday. With BONUS STUFF!

INK-TOBER #027 "Evil EYED Eric had but one super power."
INK-TOBER #028 "Sir GARLAKK was tired of his stupid quest, so he paused to consider a career in the arts."
INK-TOBER #029 "Every trip to the alchemy shop for Ester resulted in forgetting the same critical ingredient."
INK-TOBER #030 "Our brave hero Hypermanos makes a disturbing realization in issue three." 
Alright Ladies and Gents,

Here is my sampling of visual viscera for this Wednesday..
The Ink-month thing is drawing to a close, and with it comes a bit of self reflection...
I'm usually drawing, even when I don't post, and if the October challenge has done anything it's reminded me of the importance in getting work out there.  So I'll keep at that even after the month ebbs away and I've plucked all the candy corn from betwixt my teeth.

I hope you've enjoyed peeking at my work.
Will see you again on Friday here for the finale.

Be tough and draw stuff.

Hope you dig,


Last Minute MONDAY!

INK-TOBER #024 "Leroy was ready for a change of scenery, his landlord had even suggested it." 
INK-TOBER #025 "The lantern cut the gloom. But, he was unafraid of the dark. For he was wearing his special slippers." 
INK-TOBER #026 "Some weird dog-gremlin thing." 


I  almost forgot to post my catch up inks for MONDAY.
I'm sure nobody was checking the clock.  Least I think so.

Hope you dig,


Friday Ketchup. And a bit of bonus color on the side.

INK-TOBER #022 "KLURGGORE offers to guide your party through the death trap infested dungeon. Do you accept?"
INK-TOBER #023 "Fish-bert had always dreamed of a job in advertising and life on the surface."  
Hey all,
The weekend is fast approaching...
Bunches of stuff to get done and a fair amount of distractions to avoid as well.
Here are my inky offerings to get me up to date...

Hope you dig,

I threw some colorful digital stuff on the ballpoint drawing up top there.
INK-TOBER #022 "KLURGGORE in color."



INK-TOBER #020 "A Beared fella in his workshop."
INK-TOBER #021 "Stanley the Stray Dog Stared blankly into the sky."
Catching up for the day...
Normally I'd do some color work on the Ballpoint sketch up top, I still might.
But, I'm attempting to keep these all simple, and relatively unedited.

Hope you dig,



INK-TOBER #017 "Scene from the Canarsie bound L Platform."
INK-TOBER #018  "Rudolpo Raced the number 9 Car. He needed an extra helmet for his chin."
INK-TOBER #019  "OFFICE CAT voiced his discontent with the recent team building seminar."
Hey ALL!,
Here's me catching up on inks.
Some stuff with markers, and the last one with a plain ol' ballpoint pen.

Will be back with more on Wednesday.

Hope you dig,



INK-TOBER #015  "Prehistoric Body Beard."
INK-TOBER #016  "Red Goblin begins his travels."
Here are some silly drawings for your Friday afternoon.
Should get me all caught up.

Hope you Dig,



INK-TOBER #013  " He dressed sharply, for a random Fox in the forest."
INK-TOBER #014  "Serious Cyclist portrait.."
Two more for Wednesday!  All caught up...
Drawing every day, and enjoying it.
Not sure if Markers fit in with this thing but I'm gonna keep using them anyways.

Hope you dig,


Three for Monday...

INK-TOBER #010  " He was an old goat, a sage full of Goat-like wisdom."
INK-TOBER #011  " Scaly fish dude goes out for a run."
INK-TOBER #012  " Mr. Bear knew it immediately. That guy at the deli had forgotten something.."
Hey all,
It's Monday..
Here's some stuff to catch me up from over the weekend and get me up to date.

Hope you dig,



INK-TOBER #008  "MENTROID would advertise his villainous credentials thus-ly."
INK-TOBER #009  " An armored death droid patrolled the smoldering wastes."
A couple of inky images to wrap up the week...
Silly drawings.

Hope you Dig,



INK-TOBER #006  "Bagface ran in the woods looking to return the handaxe to those Campers."

INK-TOBER #007  "Glorbok has yellow eyes.!"

Two for TODAY...
Drawing Daily is fine.  But. I'm sorta keen on posting every few days...
Might just make it a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday thing..  While trying to post a little more robustly on those days...

Hope you dig.


3 Drawings...

INK-TOBER #003  "Hair-DO HERO!"
INK-TOBER #004  "Bearded Fellow"
INK-TOBER #005  "Fisherman dude in Profile."
Yep... Three of um...
Had a quiet weekend, with an aggravating Monday here...
Just loosening up with fun drawings whenever possible.

Hope you dig,


I really should attempt to Ink more...

INK-TOBER #002  "Urklogg the UN-Savory, has joined your Party"
So I did.
Having a devil of a time figuring out what I'd like to draw with some of this thing.

Hope you dig,


I St-inktober..

INK-TOBER #001  "Some cartoon critter"

Here's kicking off a month of INKY DRAWINGS.
I may not post every single day.  But, I will draw everyday and try to have 31 of them by the end of October.

Wish me luck.