Early man.

I had this rendering of early man laying around and I realized that it looks a lot like I do when I wake in the morning....

Hope your all well, thanks for stopping in and chilling out.



"Does Machines"

I can't really lie I think he is my favorite turtle.
I don't know if the finish is anything special but it was fun.

hope you all dig.




I started fiddling with this and had to much fun experimenting.
Now I am tuckered out, Time to ZONK OUT.



Howdy Kids.

I wanted to let you all know that next week Sunday will host a special event up on my side of manhattan.

You heard me right. That means you can draw Knights in Armor, and Wenches in Cortsets. FUN FUN FUN. Plus, you can hog out on one of those big turkey legs I think, maybe they'll hook up some "Mead" too.

Here are some of the particulars.
Its in Fort Tryon which you can reach by taking the 1 or the A, up to either 200th or 190th street. I live up here so if you need directions or other such info. Holler at me. Here are the other particulars.
The event is Sunday Sept 30th, with a raindate 10/7.
http://whidc.org/home.html (<--could someone tell me how to code a link for this shit in Mac?.....PLEASE...)
It's suppose to be cool only in the 70's on Sunday so you can wear you fancy costumes, cloaks and hats. Or, just go without costume like me and draw away.

I hope your all well and it would be cool to see you there.
Take Care,





I am in the early stages of another collaborative project based around this guy here.

This little blue bomber doodle is part of a larger image....But I will post more as that all comes together....
Man this is a cool shirt...I kinda wish I owned it...

And as if that wasn't groovy enough, I have managed to harness the Painting Fury of ALLAN NORICO (seen on the right) who will make some pretty painting colors of our blue HERO.
I can't hardly wait. Good times ahead...

When its all finished I hope it looks better then the original box art...

I have no comment on that cover.........It just isn't good. But, If you've ever seen the cover for the first MegaMan released here in the U.S. the cover for MegaMan 2 a Picasso by comparison.

I hope everyone it doing well on your respective ends ... I will post more soon so please return... I'll try to get back into the Korean Flash Cards (have most all the animals mapped out). Also, I think I will be posting some more turtle drawings and If all goes as planed...Pedro will ANIMATE AGAIN.... Like a zombie returning from the dead...

Thanks for stopping in I appreciate it, and your comments are equally prized.




I am sorta tuckered out right now.... even though I caught a 2.5 hour nap after bob ross this afternoon. I didn't sleep last night and I spent most of this morning rocking out with some little errands and business that I needed to address...
I took a breather to fiddle with this mess here.....

I did this drawing in the Cheyenne diner (all night awesome foods, and good service!!) on ninth ave. Just off 34th street with my friends who wanted to draw in a noir theme....It was FUN


Stan,..... STAN the SHARK MAN!!!

Some time back my friend JAMES WRIGHT (seen to the right), and myself resolved to investigate the next step in the evolution of sharks......
This was shortly after they discovered that certain breeds of shark could reproduce with only one asexually. Logically, we determined that one day sharks would rise up from the waves and conquer man.
So, James and I agreed to a drawing competition. HE looked at the MAN SHARK (named Mark) and I looked at the SHARK MAN (Stan) We just wanted to do some wacky drawings that would go toe to toe.
I haven't seen the Mark drawing yet but I have shown James, the drawing of STAN!.

James is at www.enginagogo.blogspot.com. Check the lad out, Add him to your fave's and look for Mark the Man Shark...because he'll battle STAN SOON.




Oddly enough I drew this the same night i drew the previous Krang. So my buddy "Smo", must have telepathic abilities....
I agree with him and Brendan in the respect that the original Krang sorta remined me of "Blaster" from "Thunderdome". I dunno about you but I cried when Ironbar (the guys real name is "Angry" I am not shitting you) shot him in the guts with the crossbow.....so sad.
Kinda like this drawing..... I messed with the arms from the original Sharpie drawing....I just hated how they turned out so, without drawing new ones I made modifications.....

I can imagine Krang's evil little laugh right now. Good times.
take care,


UTROM for a friend.

Here is KRANG. So loveable.... I noodled him late a few nights back with a sharpie. I think I saw Dagan do a better version of this Krang some time back. But, this was still Fun,

I imagine him saying "WHEERREEE IS MY BODY??"


I have been suffering from blog neglect lately, but more importantly I have been suffering from BEAR NEGLECT......