Here are some more Dits and Dats from some brown paper bags I'd dismembered in the past few days I think probably the best revelation was finding out that someone with my name is screening the quality of the brown paper bags I love drawing on so much. Wacky indeed.

Have a great Saturday night everyone.
Hope you dig...

Leaping Bear with Blue Pants

I'm about to get cracking on my tasks for this weekend... Have lots on my plate, and little time to get it all accomplished... Wish me luck, and drop me a comment if your happy with what you've been seeing on the blog lately.

Hope you dig.


Beer, Bear, and BOURBON!!

So many awesome words begin with the letter B! Best wishes to you all for the coming weekend...

I Hope you dig..



Together again, Beers & Bears, and my Blog... I'll have to remember to draw them more in the future. However, at the moment I'm getting into some very busy assignments at work... So I've got to work out the time management abilities. Please keep checking back for new posts though. I'll keep chipping away at it...because I didn't study to be a Doctor, I studied the visual arts..

Hope you dig.


Bear searching for Beer..

Looking high and low for liquid refreshment... Tune in tomorrow for more.

Hope you dig.


3B teaser...

I'm gonna have three pieces on display early next month out in Venice California at Gallery 1988. I stumbled into the show by way of my association to the ASOP

The show is titled 3B, and centers around the movies Beetlejuice, Back to the Future, and Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure. I used each movie as inspiration to make three total images for the show. I'll post up scans of the finished artwork and more info about them after the shows opened, because I kinda like to wait on sharing the work before its appeared in the gallery. For now though I'll post this teaser, and ask any of my west coast friends to go check out the gallery. Snap some photos and send them my way...since I don't think I'll be able to attend the show.

Please keep your eyes open...I'll be posting up the full images in the coming weeks.
Hope you dig..



He may be small but, he does speak his mind... I've not drawn bears in a while.
I'll need to work on that...and draw some beers while I'm at it...



Buying apples....

I was particularly Ill today and almost didn't post...here's hoping I feel a bit better tomorrow...

Hope you dig.


How I Roll...

Here's a Placemat from a month ago I think...
I actually altered nothing, here beyond adding color to point out my weird habit of turning the page while I'm drawing on it... I'd imagine that this action stems from my time spent using an animation disc, and though its fine for me while drawing. It does generate problems when presenting my work to you here at the blog...so I've posted up the art here in two formats so you can see all the doodles.

Happy Easter to you all, Hope you dig the work...


Friday Night Fighter...

Its been a weird week for me here... So, I'll wrap up with some Weird Drawings, they're drawn on the bottoms of Brown paper bags which I'd recently gutted so that I could harvest some new drawing paper.. I'm hoping I can sit down with some of this brown paper and my prismacolors and have some drawing time...

Hope you dig..



A Swing and A Miss...

Gobber's New Drinking Mate
Based on "How to Train Your Dragon".

The Noodle Dream
Based on "Kung Fu Panda".

Not the Gumdrop Buttons!
Based on "Shrek".

Back in late January/early February I was invited to submit artwork for a show with DreamWorks pictures. I was asked to do rough samples first. Using inspiration from three well known movies. I would then offer these samples up for judging, to see if I would do finished images for the actual show.

I comped out three images, which is really hard to do when you have such great source material, and you also wanna do right by the artists and actors that made the films.
Did the rough drawings, ported them to Photoshop and colored it to convey my ideas before sending them off for the screening. I was then busy for the following few weeks and didn't think too much about the outcome of the images.

Some time after sending the work I'd gotten word from the show organizers that only one of the three images I'd submitted met approval. So, I wasn't gonna participate in the show. I liked these images and I'm sorry they didn't meet approval, perhaps I'll revisit them on my own time...

I'm posting these now because they've seemed to haunt me little over the past few months. They've even kind of hampered my work in a new set of show images that I'd recently sent out. Thankfully, I feel like I'm starting to come back out of my shell now with my work. Frequently, I too closely identify my artwork as "ME" and when work doesn't go over well I take it a little too personally. I've got to constantly remember, to move forward in the future, dwell less on the past. There are many years of image making ahead of me and I'm sure to create some unsuccessful images in that time. But, would like to continue believing that the work will ultimately end up improving and gain positive recognition.

But for now I'm going to share them with you. I'd also like to further acknowledge that these characters are property of DreamWorks pictures, and thank them for letting me take a crack at submitting for the show. These are great movies, and i was honored to be involved..

I warmly invite you to check the stuff out and lemme know what you think... feedback/critique is appreciated...
And as always, I hope you dig...



Dragon Whelp Wednesday...

I sketched some knights a few months back, and I posted them up. So, when stumbled onto the file today I realized there were some other sketches in there for me to spend some time with...
I'll see if I can't post them up in the coming weeks..for now though here is a dragon whelp.

Hope you dig..



Luscious Bubblegum Pink flavored TUESDAY

Here are some scribbles for today.
I'm not normally a fan of bright bubblegum pink colors. But, I'm sometimes asked to use them in super sugary instances... Cosmetics and fashion work sometimes calls for it, and I used to work on a children's cartoon show where we'd regularly have to "Pink" the designs in order to make the appealing...
However a Co-worker clued me into this awesome little short film about the color PINK today. See Off Register: Luscious and I couldn't resist using some Pink to color with.
I like some of the sketches from today but plan to tackle my sketchpad on the train ride home tonight so that I have some really fun stuff for tomorrow. Kinda just wanna do drawings tonight and catch a show this evening. But, for now I'm gonna jet.

As always I hope you dig.

P.S. Weird pink colored Thomas Jefferson in the lower right hand corner..



It's a silly little image from late last week. Think I drew it on the Train ride to or from work (can't recall). If your a vintage 8bit gamer, or a Castlevania fan, you might recognize the gag, and the iconic color scheme. I'm posting it up in honor of my buddy (and fellow Belmont fan) Mr. Mister, who had a birthday last week..

Happy belated B-day Matt..
Also If you want to see some great work by Mister visit him at Boy,Girl,Rabbit, and prepare for cuteness overload.

Hope you dig..


Sunday Post...

Easy like Sunday Morning... Well, Here's my warm up for Sunday...I'll hopefully be wrapping up and framing today... I've got at date with the parcel delivery service offices tomorrow I'd imagine...or Tuesday if something goes awry..

Hope to be bringing more images to your eyeballs in the coming week... In the meantime I've gotta start thinking about furnishing my apartment a bit... Too many multifunctional milk crates sitting about at this moment... and my dining table can only seat two because I've got a small workbench and my computer chair to sit on...yersh..

Hope you dig..


Saturday Post...

Another Saturday... Working on stuff.. Here's a little warm up for today before I head over to the table to get working on some finalized images...

Hope you dig...



My week seems to be ending on a slightly brighter note then it began... There have been a few times in the past week where I've certainly felt like the cosmos has tried to curb stomp me, and I've not dealt well with it. But, I suppose I need to just relax and keep doing the best I can with whats available. I thank everyone for visiting the blog and for the great comments I've gotten here and on the facebook in response to my work...Its very gratifying to know that people check this out and enjoy it...

Hope you dig todays selection of brightly colored, scribbles...Like the other sets they've been lightly cobbled from a few pages of stuff... Mostly I have to weed out the few AWFUL Drawings, and turn figures and stuff right side up because I tend to rotate a page while I'm drawing... Which leads to some weird pinwheel type sketches...

Thanks again for stopping by, comments are always appreciated....



Thursday Schmursday Scribbles...

Yesterdays little exercise felt good, and received a little bit of praise from art people that I like, So I figured I'd beat a dead horse today and trot out some more VERY minimal sketches (just the way I like them) with just a splash of candy coated color..

I personally enjoyed the ladies, the astrodude, and the weird Original tron style knock off guy. ooooh and the little deep sea diving fellow in the big brass helm..
Hope you dig...



Worn out on Wednesday...

Something about the last 20 hours has been particularly taxing on me...I'm stressed out, and seem to be suffering from some allergies due to the weather... It was a day where most everything seemed to be going WRONG... But, towards the end things seemed to be shaping up again.
I'll go home, find a hot meal and a shower, and try to get back on task...
Here are some skribbles I executed today whilst waiting and trying ease my nerves.. Its about a page and a half of stuff, I didn't edit out much at all, but slapped a very quick photoshop color on it...

Hope you dig..



Migrating Sinus Blockage Scribbles...

Well, I'm still on the mend...
My sinuses seem to be taking turns right now, on which one will be more clogged up. From the left nostril to the right back and forth. Being under the weather sure does stink.. But, Heck...when I feel kinda crumby is usually when I slow down and do some scribbles. Nothing fancy, Just feeding the beast. Gonna head home now, so that I can get some soup, and get back to my other tasks.

Drop me a comment if you have the time and lemme know how your doing, and what you think of the blog thus far in 2011.

Hope you dig.


Feeling Ill no2.

I'm still a little under the weather, So I'm posting later today... I've been resting and some little things around the apartment.
I'm gonna chalk this up to the pollen season, and my crappy sinuses...

Hope you dig..


Feeling Ill.

not feeling so great today. But, I've got work to do so, I'm trying to pull it together. So, that the work gets done.

Hope you dig..


Guide to the underground...

I figured he was kinda like a cave dwelling mouseman. Just a quick little figure to share with you, my friendly blog viewers. I'm waiting to get some prints at the moment so that I can return home and get back on task... Collage work A-plenty to finish up.

I also see that I've started picking up a few new followers this week, and that makes me excited that people are taking the time to check back in on the blog. I'll do my best to keep things interesting in the coming weeks and months..

Leave a comment if you like the work...
As always, I hope you dig.



Friday Placemat

The last few Place mats I'd posted for the blog were from one particular night out... This is the the first one I drew at the pub that night... and for those of you that are interested, I've even shown you what the flip side of the mat...
See if you can find all three...and plan your next trip to IRELAND..

Hope you dig.



Successfully accomplished the major events of the day... and find myself back at home taking care of things, and working on some show artwork...

Enjoy this little image.


Scibbles of six heads...

They're just some old sketches I slapped together for a quick post today...
Hope you dig...



Here's yet another Placemat I covered in sketches...
Lots of fun...Man I've got a lot going on right now...Hard to find time to post up..
Do expect to see more of these from me throughout the year though... I think they are super loose and fun...because I can just recycle them outright if the drawings stink...
Unlike if I'm drawing in a sketchbook...

lemme know what you think and as always I Hope you dig...



Hey all,
Here's another place mat fodder from a few weeks back..I've got a few more from that nights work of drawing to share in the coming days.. Plus, I'm sitting on on a backlog of older drawings that I'm slowly posting up because I'm pretty busy right now with taxes and other projects...
But I thank you for your patience, comments and support...it helps keep me going forward..

Hope you dig,


Sunday Post...

I've got this image of a shapely lady doing some jump rope to hold my blog over for Sunday. I'm working on a lot of other stuff right now but wanted to keep rolling out some quick little images...

Hope you dig..


Saturday Post...

She's some sort of Fairy Princess, with a magical want... She's here to keep my blog moving along on Saturday while I'm working on some other projects...

I hope you dig.


April's Fool...

Man, March went out like a lion...It seems like things got really crazy right at the end of the month for me... I missed some posts here and there but am still doing well to get out my proposed 400 posts in a year this year....

Today, being April fool's Day I figured i'd draw a silly little prankster.... the whole drawing happened digitally, and I even used some brushes that I don't normally play with... Threw a dash of ELLIOT COWAN's drawing style in for good measure...just trying to loosen up more and have fun with images...

Hope you dig, Drop me a comment if you got feedback or support...
I 'd appreciate it a bunch.


Last MODOK of 2011!

Yep, He's leaving on a Jet Plane... and has some Idea of when he might be back again... But he's not saying anything for sure..

Much thanks to my friend Brendan Tobin for making it another fun year with MODOK and a huge salute to all the artists who shared they're time and talent with March MODOK Madness.

Please do check it out.... Some great stuff this year...