The MondoBrow...

While out for a brief stroll on my lunch break I saw this fella with a Crazy Mono-brow... I got back to my desk and fiddled out a quick pen sketch cartoon of the fella, and added a "D" to the Mono... Thus The MONDO-Brow was born...

Hope you dig him..



GM is the abbreviation for a car company.
However, In the world of Dungeon's and Dragon's it's an abbreviation for Game Master (get it GM)... Yeah I was one of those kids, who dabbled in the odd RPG (roll playing game) with friends... I'd watched a great little documentary over on HULU, about people that were game masters, and what they're lives were like since they loved D&D so much... IT was pretty interesting, a little depressing too, and made me pretty nostalgic for gaming with friends... SO Here's a grumply little goblin type dude with a torch shouting at some of his gamers.... THACO!!!! Critical HIT!!!! ROLL A D6!!!!

Hope you dig.


In search of some Inner peace...

I've got some stuff going on right now to post at a later date. But, for now I wanted to make a quickie post from a little animated clip I made a few days back.
I wound up doing a kind of Mandala themed bit of animation with a quickie caricature of myself. I'm actually not a person of great inner peace. But, who knows... Maybe if I keep looking I'll find it...

Hope you dig.



Make sure you take a minute to holler at your elected officials in congress today be it by one of the many online petitions. Keep the web free.

See you all later,

P.S. Most bears also boycott Pants...


Swimming with other Adults...

So I did this image for an Adult Swim themed show that opens at Gallery 1988 in Melrose California tonight.. I'm still a big fan of Cartoon Planet and SGC2C, and I miss seeing episodes of the show... In particular I really miss hearing the voice acting... Also, I was a big fan of the way that the show was written and made by reusing old footage in interesting ways. If I get some time I'd sure like to do some other spaceghost related images this year...

Hope you dig.



I'm still kind of formulating my plans for this year, because I'm also kind of factoring in for some family events and traveling I'm planning that might cut into some of my artistic productivity. On a side note though I'm trying to learn, more about caricature and basically practice my skill sets for exaggeration and observation. I've started a few new paints in the past few days as well as opening some old photoshop files from 2011 that I'd left unfinished. For me it seems that arriving at the finished image is always the biggest part of the battle. I Noodle around quite a bit with my work. This is a snippet of an image I'll try to wrap up here soon, and I'll attache some before and after images in the hopes you can see some sort of improvement in what I'm doing.

Other then that take a peek and lemme know what you think right now, Maybe you know who it is??

Hope you dig.


Random Reptoid...

Here's a wacky little reptile I drew during my vacation back to Michiganland over the holidays... I sat down for coffee with my sketching buddy DREW PIERCE from college and skribbled out images like I used to in the old days... Felt good. I'm slow in getting into my workflow for the new year and haven't posted my goals yet but, I've submitted some art to an ADULT SWIM themed show at Gallery 1988 in Melrose LA this coming Friday, and I'll share more about that in a day or so. Along with some of my personal goals for 2012.

For now I have a Reptile Scribble for your eyes.




I had another Santa sketch I thought I'd post this one instead because I just liked it better... Here's hoping you all had a great holiday with family and friends...

Best wishes in 2012!



New Years!!

I managed 400 in a year.... PHEW...
Did over a dozen show pieces both nation wide and abroad (Paris, and Mexico City).
Busy year indeed.
But, right now I don't even want to think about it. I should be laying out some new plans for the New Year in the next few days.

Best wishes to all my friends in 2012..