Rock'n Billy

I liked where this sketch started out so I slapped a color treatment on it and even a snazzy circular crop job... With some DITHER!...

Just havin' fun.
Hope you dig,


P.S.: Here's the lines without the colorin'!


The Gravity of Things...

Here's a scribble of Isaac Newton from a Few months back...
Just never wrapped it up, before today.
With summer drawing to a close, the last few months seem like they're finally being internalized and dealt with. Mind you I've been drawing bunches, but without the same zeal for posting as I'd once had... I'll definitely get back to posting here in the coming months... Making a mini challenge of hitting One Thousand posts before years end..

But, even as I do this I'm thinking there should be something more. I've kicked around the idea of doing books and more shows for a while... Possibly getting into more published illustrative based work.

Lots for me to consider...
But, more then anything these days I feel the need to choose a course... and take it...

Hope you dig,


Just plain weird...

It's a strange bubblegum pink colored rabbit creature...

Hope you dig,

Ugly Fish...

Truth is... some of them can be mighty tasty. And they know it..

Hope you dig..



This emerged on a page of of brown craft paper a while back... the photoshop is really minimal.. I actually fiddled some colored pencils in with the inks on the here Blue Whale. Stay cool everyone...

Hope you dig.


HOORAY for the D.I.A!!

So, after much tension yesterday. I learned that the millage for the Detroit Institute of Arts has PASSED! The door of that fine museum will continue to be open to the public... I couldn't be happier or more eager to get back home so I can do some drawings there...

A quick thank you to my friends in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne County. Who got out and voted to keep this Historic Landmark alive within the City of DETROIT.

Hope you dig,



There is a vote going on today to keep the Museum open.. The though of it closing is really hard for me to handle. Made an image to reflect what I'm feeling right now..



There's a BEAR!

Yeah I need to get offa' my butt again here... I've been drawing, Sure.
Just need to post some more of it here, yah know. Get my artwork seen by someone other then just myself. Been a while since I'd drawn a bear so here's one.



Time to get Cooking.

Hey all,

Just a quick hello from the ol' Beers an' Bears because I've been a bit aloof of late with posting. It certainly has been on the warm side lately and that generally tends to keep me off the computer. Instead I favor of a cold drink and a sketchpad by the nearest fan or shady tree in weather like this. Beyond that the humidity and heat make me pretty sleepy, Which brings me to the art of this post...

On Monday, I awoke from a fitful evening of sleep to face the work week. Normally, my phone will sound the morning wake-up call (and following snooze alarms) to wrest me from my bed.... But I hadn't heard it. So, I got up. Upon getting dressed, I realized that I didn't have my phone. After a brief search it materialized underneath my bed. I figured I must have knocked it onto the floor, it does happen sometimes.

More interesting than finding my phone on the floor was finding that I'd received a text from my friend Brendan in Rhode Island earlier that same morning. The text simply read,

"I think you need to draw Walter White before Sunday on the blog."

So I did.
Later that day I scrounged a bit of ref and got down to a bit o' digital painting. I'm a fan of Breaking Bad and have actually painted Walt a few times before (three times I think) and figured I'd have another go at Mr. Cranston's MUG. On the whole I dig how the image came out... I tried to keep the paint rough and limit my brushes down to one or two. In the end I had to keep things simpler for the sake of time. So, the composition got truncated and I incorporated some Blue Meth. I might try to do a series of images like this...It was fun.

I'll see about compiling some of the work in progress here for the next post on the ol' blog. But, that might be a few days. For now I wanna wish everyone visiting the blog a safe and happy summer, and hope that you'll all enjoy the Season Premiere of Breaking Bad this Sunday evening.

Hope you dig...


Bear with a Beer...

Sorry I've been away for so long... I have been drawing and paying the bills here so that I have food and electricity along with the rent required for my domicile... HOWEVER, I was SHOCKED when I realized that I've neglected drawing bears lately, and I also am having a beer at the moment... So I bring this quickie lil' bear with booze image...

Hope you dig..



When I was but a lad, my folks would make the occasional Friday night into a fish and chips outing... This usually meant a casual automobile trip downtown to either Fergie's or Milroy's... Both of them where good for a nice bit of fried fish and some chips...
Sadly, I'm probably not getting fish and chips with my folks tonight... Instead I'll post up this little Golem scribble... Eating a fish so juicy sweet..

Bit of pen sketching, some color pencil fiddle faddle, and a pinch of photochop.

Hope you dig,

BREAKING NEWS!!! I had an additional GOLEM to share...
Hope you dig...

ICE Explorer!...

I liked this sketch enough to visit it again with my little traveling bag of colored pencils... Then hit it with a small dose of photochop to spice things up a bit... Overall I like the outcome..

Hope you dig,



I drew a grumpy downtrodden pig...

"As the years passed Mr. Oink began walking with a cane, he also became increasingly cranky... Most of the other animals avoided him from there on out... For reasons even beyond the fact that Mr. Oink no longer bothered wearing pants."

Hope you dig,


SOJU Hooskerdoo...

Last Friday night,
I had a conversation about the wonders of drinking in South Korea...
Soju (the sweet potato based Korean Vodka) can be a very clean buzz. At times IT IS deceptively strong, leaving it difficult to tell when you've had too much. Regardless I love the stuff and find it well worth drinking, plus it blends well with lots of stuff...

Also all this talk of Drinking socially was worth a funny drawing of this drunk fella tripping on a bottle.. I'm guessing he lost his shirt somewhere between his fifth and sixth bottle.

Hope you dig,



Yeah, it's been another one of those days... Needed to sketch to get out of my funk.

I was listening to some smooth tunes from a friends band (TEN MINUTE TURNS) and this robot kinda came into being... Clearly he cannot plug his trusty toaster since his R. ARM fell off...

ON top of ALL that his ROBOT guts fell out for no good reason... Sorry Mr. ROBOT...

Hope tomorrow turns out a bit better,



Here is a recent scribble of a Rooster. I'm gonna get back into some more regular posts here now that I'm getting through some of my summer family events and obligations... I'll be sure to share some more images soon.

Hope you dig,


Little Brown Bear and a Little Brown Jug..

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted. Feel Rotten about it, and sadly I'll be busy for the next few days which will further impede my posts....
HOWEVER!, I assure you that I"VE BEEN SKETCHING OODLES ..and I mean..OODLES OF STUFF and I'm hoping to share it soon... NO JOKE... For right now though I'll put this out there. "Yeah, it's kinda straightforward here.. This bear likes a good drink." But, I love drawing bears..

Hope you dig,



Just another Monster with a Trumpet...or maybe its a bugle...

Hope you dig,


Slick lookin' fella..

I dug it, and figured you might too.. He sorta made me think of Jerry Reed while I was coloring it up... I kinda like how the Shapely Letter "E" showed up in his hair while I was sketching. Fun stuff...

Hope you dig,



I drew a cartoon cat shooting dice... I figured he could be gambling.. But It's far more likely that he's rolling initiative to do battle with some goblins in a treasure laden dungeon... Happy Friday all!

Hope you dig,


Steve studies SKULLS

I was doing some Skull drawings last week before I got sucked into a nightmarish flu/fever/viral thing... Which wound up putting me out for the end of that week, and now I'm nursing a cough. In spite of the cough, I did manage to Check out AVENGERS last night and was blown away by it... Can't really say there was anything I didn't enjoy about the story and characters.... I ASSEMBLED!!

Sadly, no superhero's here in this post (I'll try to draw some more soon) just a cartoon skeleton with a cartoon dude that talks about anatomy...

I hope you dig,



I drew some skulls last week when I wasn't being hounded by the creeping viral bug that I managed to catch. I've not had a fever in some time. forgot how much it can take out of you and just how shitty you feel while having the "chills"

I'm feeling better now, still managing a bit of a cough and some chest congestion but looking forward to getting back to work.
Hope you dig.


Running Critter...

Not sure what kind of critter it is but, I liked this itty doodle from a recent sketch page...
Lemme know what you think.

As always I hope you dig,


GOGOPedro's 100 Hand SLAP!

Hey all, I recently got together with a few friends to do more art STUDIES. Began, with a focus on hands, because they're notoriously tricky to draw and often overlooked in art studies..
I found myself working from a book I've not looked a in a few years"The Book of a Hundred Hands" By George B. Bridgman.
It's a beautiful little book with plenty of descriptive hand drawings, along with the breakdown of structures within the hand, fingers, and the thumb. I looked at his drawings for inspiration, and also found myself redrawing hands multiple times to get a feeling for it as well as trying to work with line and some tone on a halftone sheet to study volume. Wanted to bust out some white pencil highlights in these image... Sadly, I ran out of time... I hope to be doing more of this in the future. I'd really like to build up my visual library and become a better artist all around.

Hope you dig,


Graphic Hair...

I've always kinda been interested in hair... IN Particular, how it can be drawn and stylized. Not to mention the challenge of painting its texture and subdued tonal shifts in more realistic images... I mean there are a lot of Red hairs in my beard which make for a rather odd contrast to the rest of the thinning hair on my noggin.. Which is going gray, and leaves me with an awesome salt and pepper effect for the time being.

Hope you dig this dude with a tough looking pompadour...


Frazzled Nerves

Lots on my mind lately.
My brain has a way of getting worked up, it always has.

Sorta nervous, kinda like this little guy.
Hope yah dig,



Running right along

Lately,I've been forcing my way back into a regular regimen of running and working out... Having to spend most of my day in a chair in front of a monitor has been taking its toll on me... So I'm gonna fight back now... I hope it won't hamper my posting too much.. Please keep checking in.. Much more artwork to show!. Feedback (as always) is most appreciated.

Hope you all dig,



It's another stunning portrait of myself, that I figured would be good for the blog... This time I'm a mangy looking alley feline... I've actually been seeing lots of cats lately when I go out for my late night run around Queens. Figured I'd share this and others. But I honestly can't find my additional cat, to save my life right now... I'm guessing i'll need to tidy up a bit...

Hope you dig..


Here's a rocking rolling dude with a sweet dragon tattoo. The tattoo wasn't originally part of the drawing I just kinda added it in real quick over the blemish that I'd inked over on the paper. Sorta wished I'd had the foresight to draw in some cool tattoo stuff. But, that must have escaped my mind a few months back.. Now it's just a little fun character designs..

I'd like to imagine he's singing a power Ballad about TROGDOR: The BURNINATOR!!!

Hope you DIG,


Sea Worthy...

I've got a few quick sketches from the ol' pad of paper here.. I continue to be doing lots of drawings of silly faces, and then figured that I would draw some little cartoon boats also. I've also been thinking about ED EMBERLY's drawing books a lot lately... They were a big part of my youth and I always enjoyed the step by step process to draw stuff with his really graphic style.

I hope you dig um,


A little RED GHOST...

Sorry I've been away. It's never something I plan for..

Things have been popping up in the last few weeks to keep me from posting.
I find myself trying to get back into shape by way of regular exercise and its leaves me kinda worn out here lately. It seems that with only a few additional years of age my body has become less compliant with my demands on it. Beyond that I'm getting ready for some family stuff this summer, and dealing with my usual personal struggles. Since I'm not sure I'll be able to do any kind of focused May Marvel (MAYVEL) type tribute images I'm gonna post up this little RED GHOST doodle from a few weeks back. When I scribbled him I think I had a bit of Dr. WILY in mind but this is what came out in the end...

I dig it, hope you do too.




I'm still a little jilted at the lack of a proper winter this year. However with spring in the air it's almost time for BEACH SEASON. No doubt you'll probably see this dude at a beach somewhere... Ladies beware he's trolling for your digits...

Hope you dig,


Beers, Bears. and Bar napkins...

A friend sitting nearby me at a pub says, "Hey Pedro, what are you drawing on?"
After a brief pause I mumble, "uh, a bar napkin.."
Then Following another longer pause they then say... "So that's archival quality bar napkin isn't it?"

Yep, I draw on stuff that falls apart and doesn't keep so well.
But, I still hope you dig it anywho...


P.S. The first image here was actually referencing some clip I'd seen earlier that day online... Of a bear waving at someone. I'm sure you can run it down in the Video Web and have a look.

Klyde KLOUDskipper...

He has mighty mighty leg muscles... which he uses to leap over clouds in the sky.
Ugh, I'm tired lately. Need more sleep, or perhaps I need to get to sleep earlier in the evenings.
Just a fun little image. Quick and loose.

Hope you dig.

Turtle Minion!

He's to be feared with small horns on his head and awful snaggle teeth. For he has a terrible temper and his a vicious prankster.

Hope you dig,



I usually draw on printer paper, and haven't bought an actual sketch book type BOOK in some time... Above you'll see part of the reason why I don't buy so many sketchbooks.

True it may not be Archival quality but, I kinda like drawing on things that are more disposable (recyclable) so that I don't feel possessed to hold onto whole books of drawing verses weeding out some good sheets from a stack of sketches.. Keeps the artwork ephemeral.. Personally I really need to work on filtering out the Keepers from the discard heep in my work. I do a lot of sketching.... Doesn't mean I should keep it all... Am I right...
Here's a rough sample of some random scribbles on the brown bag with a touch of photoshop..
Hope you dig... Happy sketching,

P.S. One thing I didn't mention in my brown paper flyer is the fact that having a mid-tone work surface of brown lets you work light and dark too... So you can get additional value studies into every drawing.... Very cool!..



Billy Byron Bottles Bugs.
He Buys Books Big 'Bout Bugs.
Bringing Bug Biology to his Brain!
Hey my B&B Breathren,

I drew this image some days back and found that it made me happy to look at it... so here it be with some colors on it...

Hope you Dig,


Just don't know what to do with MYSELF...


Several days ago I ran out of paper whilst sitting in the local diner waiting on my eggs, hash, crispy potatoes, and toast. I was looking about for something to draw on when this little paper scrap caught my eye..
You get three guesses at what the paper is that I drew this little fella on... The first two guesses don't count...
Canvas is EVERYWHERE...

I'm still just using the pen a lot because it lets me keep loose and play around...

Hope you dig.


"SA JA" Studies...

The Korean word for Lion is "SA JA"...
I believe I drew this a few months back for a showpiece Idea that I was working on. In the end I shelved it in favor of another concept but I've held onto these lion sketches. I actually hold onto a lot of my drawings (which has a good and bad side to it) but find that I need to sift and purge out stuff lately.
So, I scanned these and introduced a dash of color.
Quick and exploratory image. Fun stuff.
I think I'd definitely like to try using this design for a future image.

For now though I'll share it, and you can comment on how much my Lion drawing looks like a bear... D'OH!! I always wind up back at drawing Bears for some reason.

Hope you dig,

I'm Helpful...

I know someone who had been delivered a Netflix Disk. However after watching it they had managed to lose that little white paper sleeve they ship it with... Unclear on what to do with the film I suggested that they stick the disk inside some printer paper and put that back into the red mailer envelope... I didn't think they'd use the whole sheet of paper... But they did any who. In short, It didn't fit.

So I jumped in to be HELPFUL. I cut the sheet of paper a bit and figured that it need some text type info to help the good folks a netfilx sort it all out. I snagged a sharpy and got down to business... In short I'm super duper helpful...

Hope you dig,

P.S. Its been a little over a week since I made this and Netflix hasn't sent my friend any new movies by mail... I still affirm that I am HELPFUL, extremely HELPFUL...

P.P.S... I've useded the word HELP a lot here... I couldn't Help myself...


I Drink Blood.

Most Vampires are just crazy about drinking blood.
This fella couldn't even sit through his portrait painting session without having a drink.
He'll remind be to stay thirsty and work hard on my image-making efforts...

Hope you dig.

Good to the Last MODOK.

MODOK MEANS MIGHTY MINDBLASTS! Even on paper he's deadly... I should take extra care before I get to close to the drawing table again.

Hope you dig,



March MODOK Madness is winding down here over the next few days and I'll be busy wrapping that up so that I can get on with news business... Not to mention the inevitable Taxes I have to sort out...

Hope you dig.


MOJO-DOK from the universe of super evil. Fear HIM!
There have been a few interesting mash up Marvel villains over at March MODOK Madness this year. I'd been stuck on this idea for a while and found a bit of time to do this fun little image... I figured he'd be emerging from an energy portal with his hyper fraculating digital remote controller. Fit for blasting our minds with countless hours of shitty television programing...Maybe some Toddlers in Tiaras.... Heck even MODOK has a Tiara, but its build for delivering deadly Mindblasts! Take that couch potatoes he screams.

Well, with all that being said March MODOK Madness is about to wrap up for 2012. It's been a fun one, so if you wanna head over to MarchMODOKMadness you can check out the works from this year as well as scoping out the total works from the past 5 years... Very cool stuff there, and its worth a look. Also, visit my friend Brendan Tobin's BLOG. He does some of his awesome comics and comic inspired artwork. I also need to thank him for sharing another year of the MODOK MADNESS with me. He's just plain awesome.

Thanks for following the blog there at MMM, and also thanks for following me here at the Bears and Bears. I appreciate it...

Hope yah dig,


Mini Gold Armored Warrior..

Cald in a mighty suit of shining Golden Armor. When he charges into battle he enjoys a plus +20 defense verses fire, electricity, and ice attacks. Also he only takes half damage from missle attacks and gets a +5 damage to all melee attacks.

Truly a mighty suit of armor. Making him a mini mighty Warrior. Plus random Blue hair!
Hope you dig.