Pumpkin' Frank.


So, Like I said I am working out the odd drawing to give my Father "Del" some ideas for pumpkin carving this year. Here is one I will actually send him.... the black areas would be caved out and I might suggest that he only gouge out some of the stitching on his neck and head to keep it sturdy.... The hair highlights might be a bit dodgy but, I imagine that my father'd probably make whatever I sent him better. Cuz, he's just awesome like that.

Happy Halloween advances to you all.



Don Does Dallas! said...

I have'nt been over here in a while! You have been busy my friend! Great stuff!


liam said...

wow-so many great posts in such a short time--making me look bad here--good to see you putting out a lot of great art mate-keep it up-makes me want to keep up


Time FOR ARRT!!!!!

"Nowhere to go, but up and to the next page now."

Todd Harris said...

nice work, really like your blog man. love the frank.

Belinda_Adams said...

Really nice stuff here. And anyone that can carve into a pumkin well is awesome in my book youll have to post the finished product I really wanna see.