From the Frozen Fjords

October is winding down. Holidays around the corner. I wanted to post this right quick while I make some last minute preperations for some computer service that I need to attend to... My Laptop had been acting screwy of late so I will have to relinquish it to the people of Apple so that that they can sort out the problem. This month has been pretty good for posts. I am not sure If I will be able to rock this pace next month.... Maybe I will do better... I dunno. Perhaps I'll have something tomorrow, then I'll be away for a week or so.... But with some discipline, in that time away from posting. I will try to make someart that will make you smile when I fire up the posts again.

Thank you all again for your support. Without other artists out there. This wouldn't be as much fun.

To Celebrate post number 83 here is a doodle of a Norseman with a big ol' hammer. Lets see if I can break a hundred posts by the end of November. Furthermore, lets see if I can kick up the quality to a whole new level.



Ryan Green said...

You're making love to the camera.


I'm not a viking but I suppose that i was in the passport photos... I had a great time. Lots of fun.