Far East Beast.

I was doodling some ideas for a pumpkin carving late last night....

I miss carving the mystic orange melon, and my father asked me to churn out some rough ideas that he might carve... so that we could have the finest pumpkins on the block back in michigan. I remember taking great pride in the act of carving the stuff.... good stuff.
SO here is a doodle that I would never ask my father to carve.... unless we built a dremill tool to scribe it all out. I would probably render some of the pumpkin surface with shading or sculpting so that i didn't have to weaken the pumpkins structure too much.... I like it though.

doodle plus me fooling about:

Thanks for having a look. Best wishes on your Halloween costumes kids.



Joe Stucky said...

dude this could totally be done ...I have the perfect pumpkin for it. just come get it.:) or I could give it a try and drop it off for your dad if you like.

the sketch totally rocks.


Well if you want feel free to run off the image on your printer and Start carving. I imagine it will take a good amount of time so prepare yourself.