Plumber Vs. Pipe

So here is a drawing of a plumber vs. a pipe that he needs to fix. With an element of danger.



Jeff Victor said...

Hey Pedro-been following your work-awesome stuff. You're just getting better and better.
Hope to see you at another drawing session soon!

liam said...

love the plumber's expression-mmm gonna have to really start posting to keep up with all the great work you are churning out here.


thanks for the kind words guys.
Jeff_ yeah we should do another drawing session, this time skip a flight out to the east coast and we can do some new york drawing.... or maybe I will just come out west again and rock it at Pricilla's I had a good night there. Keep in touch.

Liam_yeah. Put down your copy of Halo 3 and get cracking with the art. Or, just keep playing Halo and invite me over to get the game on.


liam said...

long as you bring some pencils and bring your "A" game-come on over--not like i got a job!!!