Korean Flash KARD.... "A"

Okey Doke. Hey boys and girls... I am back again to share what little korean I know with you good folks out there.
Hopefully, I will do all the rest of them and have a full set of 26 critters. With all kinds of good Korean stuff.
So Here you go.

"A" is for Alligator, and I know that it might look a little like a crocodile. But, It's an Alligator because I have something else I planned for the letter "C". Now for the pronunciation. To say Alligator in Korean you need to syllables "AH-GO" it is a very short word with only one consonant. Think about saying "AGO", and adding a little AHH to the a part. So, "Ah-Go".

Also, here is an added bit of information, since I have already covered the letter F with a FOX.
Linkage---> http://gogopedro.blogspot.com/2007/07/korean-flash-kardf.html
I wanted to say that the word for FISH in korean is "MUL GOGI". Three Syllables and it actually is a pretty cool word. In short it means "Water Meat". "Mul" (MOOL roll U like a double OO) for water, and "GOGI" (GO Gee, just like it sounds) to make delicious Fish into a korean word.

Go forth, be smart, and empowered, Never stop learning.



sal iovine said...

killin as usual. ur one crazy postin machine.


Thanks Sal..... I appreciate your feedback.