GOGOPedro's 100 Hand SLAP!

Hey all, I recently got together with a few friends to do more art STUDIES. Began, with a focus on hands, because they're notoriously tricky to draw and often overlooked in art studies..
I found myself working from a book I've not looked a in a few years"The Book of a Hundred Hands" By George B. Bridgman.
It's a beautiful little book with plenty of descriptive hand drawings, along with the breakdown of structures within the hand, fingers, and the thumb. I looked at his drawings for inspiration, and also found myself redrawing hands multiple times to get a feeling for it as well as trying to work with line and some tone on a halftone sheet to study volume. Wanted to bust out some white pencil highlights in these image... Sadly, I ran out of time... I hope to be doing more of this in the future. I'd really like to build up my visual library and become a better artist all around.

Hope you dig,


Tooninator said...

awesome! way to keep up on the craft!

Jeff Victor said...

Geez, that's really impressive. I need to do that too!


Thanks Matt and Jeff... I'm itching to get at my next challenge of study for this thing.. I'm drawin' SKULLS
lotsa SKULLS