I usually draw on printer paper, and haven't bought an actual sketch book type BOOK in some time... Above you'll see part of the reason why I don't buy so many sketchbooks.

True it may not be Archival quality but, I kinda like drawing on things that are more disposable (recyclable) so that I don't feel possessed to hold onto whole books of drawing verses weeding out some good sheets from a stack of sketches.. Keeps the artwork ephemeral.. Personally I really need to work on filtering out the Keepers from the discard heep in my work. I do a lot of sketching.... Doesn't mean I should keep it all... Am I right...
Here's a rough sample of some random scribbles on the brown bag with a touch of photoshop..
Hope you dig... Happy sketching,

P.S. One thing I didn't mention in my brown paper flyer is the fact that having a mid-tone work surface of brown lets you work light and dark too... So you can get additional value studies into every drawing.... Very cool!..


Liam said...

good stuff man-can't let those sketches get too precious.

Will Appledorn said...

I'm gonna start doing this. drawing on a surface with a bit of life always seems to add something to my drawings.


Liam- Yeah I struggle onward... I still have a heap of old sketches that I should archive and do away with... Makes me wish I had ready access to my parents fire pit up at the summer cottage... Have a drawing fire..

Will- Sure thing man, do it! the half tone of the paper makes it more functional... You can use darks and lights... I enjoy felt pens and white prisma colors myself..

Jake Austria said...

Great work you have here
you are so Talented :)