iStinktober: DAY#10 (FINALE!)


Mission completed. 
I'm through everything I scanned in that heap of pages from my so called INKTOBER. 

Simple doodles, basic materials (copy paper and some cheap-o felt pens) and, if you will excuse my cropping/watermarking the images there is no real digital alterations.  It's been a bunch of fun to share these images with you here.  Also, I'm happy I'd done the group installments rather then posting one-a-day.  I figured this would offer you more of a reason to come on by and visit for a few to see some fun images.

In closing, I thank you for swinging by and slapping eyes on my artwork.  I'll try to be diligent about posting in the future.  I remember doing it much more frequently, and then things just got in the way.  Gotta try and get back to a more productive state here.

Hope you dig, and keep on drawing folks.

He's also a Rooster.
Trombone Player, looking for work.
Bumpy Beast.
Skymaster Squirrel.
Confused Kringle.
A MUDMAN! Headed your way.
Devil Doggle.
Captain Compass
Sir Squirrel and his prize Acorn.

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