iStinktober: DAY#01

Hey all,

In recent October months, many artists have taken to the internet with inky based drawing implements firmly in hand.  The goal: to artistically challenge oneself and produce an image each day for the entire month of October.  Thus making it Inktober.

I've always been blown away by the work created during recent Inktober festivities.  I have the good fortune of knowing some super talented, inspirational and motivated art folks.  They constantly are pushing me to improve my drawings and not be lazy.

With November almost half over, I figure I'll show you a slew of inky little doodles that exited my felt pens during the October of 2014.  Should have enough backlogged for the next few days here.

Hope you Dig,
Screaming Hair Metal!
Some Bearded Dude with a long Scythe.
Just a Troll, out for a Stroll
This skeleton just broke his hip
Bug-eyed Swamp Froggle
A Blacksmith for Forging a New Metal HAND!
Cave Dwelling Cannibal Hermit
Wild & Wooly Whatsit
Belly Pain of SHOCK!
Pontificating Critter Cleric

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