iStinktober: DAY#07

Guten Tag,

Seventh day O' drawings here for you to gander at.  Got enough I think for a few more days. 
Please, bear in mind that I fiddled the past few days worth of posts out over the month of October. 
I do have a bunch of other stuff on my Drawing heap that I really aught to scan and process into something.  Might have to make that a project for after the first of the year though.  Gotta suss out some holiday plans here.

Hope you dig,

Stan is running late.
Rodent Rebellion agent.
Salty Sea-goer dreams of sea monsters during his downtime.
Tortoise with a trusty walking stick.
Cresent-headed Owl
Skate Bear.
Bearded Battler Brings the Beheadings
Miffed by the Mousetrap.
Zombies think of Brains.

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Mr.Mr. said...

Some sick awesome stuff you got there, P!