iStinktober: DAY#05

Hola Amigos,

Day five here, and back with even more drawings.  I know Inktober folks usually do more rendered work but, I kinda kept my linework sparse where I could in favor of trying to do additional drawings.  Still I'm thinking of doing more studies and paints in the coming months to improve the ol' skill set.  Will set up some more drawings tomorrow, straight away.

Hope you dig,

A Pipe puffing, plains Goat.
Square fish, in a semi-squarish Bowl
Excitement Rat!
Hugbot makes his desires known.
A wide-eyed Witch.
Brave beasty with an old wrist Relic.
Tough Customers.
Adventurer before an Ambush.
Big-eared Orc orders for his snack.
Stunned Sea-going Explorer.

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