Splinter is a Radical Rat....

Here's some quick color on another TMNT sketch I passed over for that recent show...
I drew Splinter quite a bit and found myself really interested in the character. I see that he might be kinda dull at an initial glance, But when you start to consider that he trained ALL of the turtles. You get this clear picture that he has the ability to throw down and be a total bad ass, he just chooses not to and this makes him a great sage type character.
The wise Teacher, who has knowledge and skills along with the wisdom to use those assets intelligently.

I like that concept. I'd really like to have the equivalent of that in my artwork... Really powerful visualization skills and rendering techniques. With the clear headedness to use them smartly on my work. I've been thinking about going back to school of some sort lately, so maybe this is influencing my thinking too on a subconscious level.

Perhaps I'll meditate on these thoughts later this evening...stay cool everyone.
Hope you dig.


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