My Drawing Board Days of Yore...

In a Brief Bit of history I've been following this online forum for many years...Since the end of college, and after a few years of lurking and looking at jaw dropping art I threw my hat into the ring and joined. I've been a member now since Mar 2004, and it's been a great outlet for networking and sharing my art with outer people that are passionate about images. The forum has something for everyone Caricature to Figure drawings, Superheroes to Sexy Girls. It has it all. Plus there are also Drawing challenges that surface from time to time, just to keep my toes tapping, and my pencil moving.
In recent years I've devoted more time to the blog. My visits to the (at that time outdated) Drawing Board began to dwindle. The site suffered some long outages of service and I feared that it might fall by the wayside. BUT, the very day after my Birthday I was met with surprise to find that the DB has been REBOOTED, and its stronger then ever.
SO, I'm posting again.

This is a Caricature of JIM.
You can scope out some more of his work HERE.
I met Jim in a caricature forum at the Drawing Board, and he drew a great toon of my face...I began this one and never finished it... So I'll post it now....

Hope you Dig,


Vincenzo said...

Love it...and I'm sure Jim does as well...great to see the Forum Back, thanks for the update!!!

Tooninator said...

Great rendering here! I like that change of pace.

I'm also excited to see that the board might get a resurgence. I could use a little place to be inspired again

Mug It Up!/Jim H said...

Yes I loves it! Didn't know you put it up here as well. One of my faves that people have done of me -thanks again!