Berfday Beer!

Yep... Today marks my anniversary of existing on this planet for another whole year. I wanna give Big thanks to my family and friends for making things interesting and keeping an eye on me.
Personally, I didn't really feel like working too hard today, because I wanna relax a bit. So, I doodled out this bear here and pretended like he has gotten me a fine pint of beer and a gift in commemoration of the day... Planning to take it easy...
Also, I've been digging into the work of T.S. Sullivant (if the style of the bear looks familiar to any of my viewers) after having heard about him on DEJA VIEW... It just makes me wanna draw even more looking at some of these images... Very inspirational...

Finally, I wanna thank you all for sticking with me here at the blog and keeping me company.
Its the best gift a guy could ask for...

Hope you keep on digging.


Claudio Cerri said...

Amazing blog, great illustrations here!

Mr.Mr. said...

Wait, what?
Happy Birthday, Gogo!
I'm a terrible friend.
Let me know when you can hang again, or back in town.


Many belated thanks!