BruisePatrol: Day Five

Look at all the pretty colors.
Shot this image five days after the injury. And right now it actually looks worse, I just don't wanna take it out of the splint to snap a shot.
Seeing the Orthopedics guy today was not fun at all...the dude (DR.Torquemada, as far As I am concerned) prodded, twisted, squeezed, and stretched my poor ankle. All so that he could tell me what I kinda already knew. The bruising is actually getting a little richer hue in a few spots. Because of the visit. Furthermore some of the swelling and pain has returned....FUN!!...

So, I'll be in the cast and crutches for a few weeks....the ligature on the outside of my ankle, is all torn up.

Wish me luck...

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Nathan said...

Bummer. Feel better soon.