Hey all,

Today I am older. I've been on the planet for some time now but realize that there is still much that I haven't experienced. So, a few nights back I gave myself the experience of serious personal injury.

While running in a quest for better personal fitness I jammed my foot into a gopher hole at the side of the running path and twisted up my ankle. The Vital joint made a sound like wet celery being twisted. I came close to breaking it and though that I might have but after some X-rays and about six hours in the E.R. I found it was a severe sprain (which is bruising nicely now) and the doctors recommended it be immobilized.

So, I hobble now on crutches, I am bad at it. However its a new experience....I think this is the worst injury I've ever sustained. Short of a few Broken hearts and the occasional bruised ego.. For this I am thankful, because with my diminished mobility I realize how much I've taken simple acts of walking, or standing for granted.

I have an image to go with this post I'll put it up soon.

Thanks for keeping in touch everybody.




Joe Stucky said...

Happy Birthday Dude...
you're like soooo old now.

awaiting the picture.

sorry i'm bad at remembering sooner too.

Seriously go follow up with an orthopedic doctor.

Talar said...

sorry to hear that, sounds painful!
yeh I guess you're old :)

happy birthday !

eat plenty of spinach:)


Thanks guys,
No good has come of this whole ordeal. I haven't even posted the image until just now...

Well, I am out of the aircast in 2 to 3 weeks supposedly.

I appreciate you all stopping in.


Elliot Cowan said...

Hey limpy.
Several years ago I snapped my Achilles tendon right in two.
Three months in plaster.
Two days on crutches was so unbearable that I got a wheel chair instead.
It was a strange experience.


Whoa. Sounds Bad Elliot, But, its good to know that your up and around again.

I just feel kinda silly about all of this. I was getting really gung ho about getting in shape...I do a really through stretch before my run. I go out.....and dumb luck does this to me...