GIVE by the POUND!


I had a partial day at work today. We had this (GREY GIVES) community works function planned through the agency to beautify the southern end of HIGHBRIDGE PARK. Some weeks back I'd submitted a few mural ideas for this project. I'd heard a few of them where selected. But, I didn't know this was happening with them.
Three murals I submitted wound up being selected for as a repeated pattern down a stretch of the high bridge bike path (photos to come).. More astounding then this was that I saw my name in the NY Times (blush). Other then that I was doing some murals that where presented to a local public school show below.

Even Weirder still is that the Shirt I am wearing in that photo won me a little prize for best shirt design of the day. Too Bad your too far away to see. I will share it on down the road. I wanna try to make another one first.

I coulda' spent all day on these murals but, am exceedingly thankful that I had all the assistance from team #16 to crank them out in a little under 3 hours. I will post up the original images I submitted for the mural judgings tomorrow, along with a few others that didn't make the cut.

In the end I painted, chatted up some of my friendly co-workers, publicly danced like a fool, won a t-shirt design contest, and planted small bushes in the occasional patch of poison ivy..all while almost falling down a hill..... It was an awesome day.

Hope your all well,

Thanks for checking in...I promise more art in the next post.



liam said...

Congratulations indeed Mr Pedro,
looking forward to seeing your art up there-here's to many more awesome days for you!

Mark said...

Hey thanks for the comment again.. Yeah I know what you mean.. I was in photoshop just experimenting with a whole bunch of stuff so i tried out different things as a pose to having them all have the same kinda look.. It was pretty fun messin around.


Thanks guys...I appreciate it.


Elliot Cowan said...

You are some kind of god king!

Really though - what a delight to have your work displayed in public, and big too!