UTROM for a friend.

Here is KRANG. So loveable.... I noodled him late a few nights back with a sharpie. I think I saw Dagan do a better version of this Krang some time back. But, this was still Fun,

I imagine him saying "WHEERREEE IS MY BODY??"


Brendan Tobin said...

Ha, sweet. I knew you'd come through with the TMNT knowledge. Dig the Krang. Yeah, Dagan also did a sweet rendition (which you all should see), but yours definitely captures his ill-tempered disposition.


:: smo :: said...

my favorite line from the new cartoon is in one of the utrom episodes...:

"i HATE walking on tentacles!"


whee hee hee!!!

awesome rendition! i love the random square behind him too! how would you do the suit? that thing was weird lookin! like blaster from beyond thunderdome meets 3D from back to the future 2.

Brendan Tobin said...

Or hey, a Master Blaster vs Max piece. Good call on the similarity, Smo.