Howdy Kids.

I wanted to let you all know that next week Sunday will host a special event up on my side of manhattan.

You heard me right. That means you can draw Knights in Armor, and Wenches in Cortsets. FUN FUN FUN. Plus, you can hog out on one of those big turkey legs I think, maybe they'll hook up some "Mead" too.

Here are some of the particulars.
Its in Fort Tryon which you can reach by taking the 1 or the A, up to either 200th or 190th street. I live up here so if you need directions or other such info. Holler at me. Here are the other particulars.
The event is Sunday Sept 30th, with a raindate 10/7.
http://whidc.org/home.html (<--could someone tell me how to code a link for this shit in Mac?.....PLEASE...)
It's suppose to be cool only in the 70's on Sunday so you can wear you fancy costumes, cloaks and hats. Or, just go without costume like me and draw away.

I hope your all well and it would be cool to see you there.
Take Care,



Brendan Tobin said...

Hell yes! Wenches beware!

Remember this code:


Where SITE is written, put in the url. Where TEXT is written, put whatever word or phrase that will appear as the hyperlink in your posted text. Unfortunately, Safari doesn't support the little hypertext button.


Brendan Tobin said...

D'oh! The code works in messages too! Alright I'll try to get that code to you some other way. Disregard link above.