Eat Your Art Out 6!

I'll have some work on display tonight, out on the west coast in sunny L.A.

This will be my second year showing with the Angel City Derby Girls, and the theme for this year was Creature Feature at the Drive-In.  The subject has made for some fun artwork based on what I've seen thus far. 

Personally, I struggled a bit to figure out what I wanted to do for the show.  A lot of back and forth with varied Ideas and executions.  When all was said and done I opted to draw a blob sort of character.  Perhaps I'll attach some of my other sketch ideas in the coming weeks. 
Come to think of it, I might just haul off and make some of the other art ideas I had for this show just to practice some new techniques.  Practice is a good thing right?

"Maybe We Could Talk to the Projectionist?"
Pen, Marker, Pencil on Vellum 2013.
So if you find yourself looking for something to do in L.A. tonight go check out the show.
See info at the AngelCity Derby Girls Site.

Hope you dig.

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