Gallery 1988 in Melrose will host to its second show themed around funny people that make us laugh... Last year I offered up a Ben Stiller themed image, and they liked it enough to invite me back this year. So, I hemmed and hawed on a subject for the image when I finally decided on JOHN PINETTE. I particularly like his stand up special, I SAY NAY NAY . So if your not familiar with him, CHECK HIM OUT! He does a fantastic Ewok impression, as well as a having a great singing voice..

The image may be my last transparency/ paper craft collage image for a while... I actually attempted working with a color transparency this time and found it to be a whole new area for exploration in doing images. Fun stuff.

So, If your in the L.A. area tonight GO CHECK OUT THIS SHOW!... Seriously, it's a good one.. Hell, WEIRD AL YANKOVIC is gonna be there, which kinda puts a tear in my eye while I sit here at my desk in NY... Damn I need a transporter device of some sort.

Hope you dig,

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