He's a Heroic HALFLING.

I've had a pad of college ruled type lined paper nearby over the last few days... Don't normally draw on the stuff. But, will not deny that much of my early artwork is on that particular type of paper... Drawing on it feels really nostalgic for me in a lot of ways. From the memories of drawing in the margins of my notebooks during class (probably could have been a more diligent student) even on to decorating character sheets while on a RPG campaign. Good times.

Drawing and doodling always calms me down, inducing a kind of a meditative state.
I constantly struggle to keep drawing like this of late and it's not always easy. Sometimes I'm just too worried about a work deadline, or personal stuff, or the state of the world going on around me. Gotta pay the bills, ya know.
In these instances I lose focus on that core feeling of exploration/joy that I get from drawing and doodling. Drawing makes me truly happy, its a wonderful escape!

On the blog here I share lots of images that make me happy and I'll make every effort to keep that in mind...

Hope you dig this guy.
He's a level 15 thief.. He has high skill points in concealment too... He's actually hiding eight daggers, a suit of chain mail, a dwarf ax, and 16950 pieces of gold on his person along with all of his other supplies. He may not be much on steal with all that weight but he's a master of hiding things.
I've named him Halberd Heaterhedgerow. People sometimes call him HAL..

Again thanks for stopping by, Hope you dig.


Tooninator said...

amen, brotha!


Thanks Matt, your a constant source of support and inspiration... Very glad that the internet is around so that I can meet artists like yourself.