Yesterdays Brown Bag...

I'm taking a few minutes to clear my head between tasks to post up my brown bag from yesterday mornings breakfast bagel. Today I happened to have a Croissant from the metal cart out in front of my office building and it greased the bag so badly that I couldn't really salvage it. This happens sometimes, I try to save the bags when I can, but sometimes they're a little far gone. plus the pen marks do weird stuff on paper that might have an oily residue on it. I'm looking forward to a bagel though tomorrow morning and possibly some fun warm up sketches... From yesterdays bag I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Drawing the dice at the bottom had me thinking of some D&D. Also Liked drawing televisions, in general I just try to have fun with this stuff.

Hope you dig.


Gracester said...

I love that you do this. Classes start soon and I like buying bagels in the morning too. This is the perfect thing to do with these brown bags, so inspiring.


Many thanks Gracester..

Definitely have fun with it... Dissecting the bags is no problem, and I never feel bad about screwing these drawings up because they are so functional and expendable as work surfaces.. I like them better then sketchbooks sometimes..