YUP... I love the updo on ladies... Probably stems from my families ultra Nouveau style wall paper, which still hangs in the first floor W.C. of my childhood home. They were all stylized French dance hall images and there was some certainly some Mucha thrown in there too. Believe ME.. If I had a place of my own...I would find a way to get this wallpaper... It was visually spectacular with a unique color palette and some hints of an Iridescent gold quality to some of the print surface... AMAZING STUFF..

Needless to say the ladies sported CHIGNONS... It's even a word that I think sounds beautiful, in spite of the horrific robot voice for pronunciation. I usually just think Sheen-yon, which makes the actual french spelling even weirder...

Well, I hope you enjoy this little snippet of an image...I'll try to post fewer portrait style drawings in the future...NEED TO DIVERSIFY OR DIE!..

Hope you dig.

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