Super Hero Girl..

I'm not sure what her power would be, and I don't really mind right now...I scoped out a gallery opening tonight for the fantastic paintwork of Phil Noto. He was a very nice guy to talk to for a few minutes, and his work is really great... I like the very Graphic design based approach he takes to his work. A lot of the images have stunning women in profile or frontal views, and I like how the faces look very structural, and clean. But at the same time feel very womanly and feminine... Probably my favorite aspect of his work though is his colors....Jeez he does some great stuff with color...If you're not familiar with his work I'd suggest you scope out his SITE...

Other then that, I'm posting this drawing now. Hope you dig.


Alisa said...

I thought this was fan art!


HA HA...I didn't even know this was a comic....I just grabbed the title because I drew a girl with a mask...and there was a song by the same name some years back..